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    Re: Fabulous BNG Part One

    1) You grew up in an Irish orphanage. Your parents left you on its doorstep when you were only a few hours old, wrapped in a blanket on a cold December night. When you were found in the morning, there was a note taped to your blanket. This note told the Sisters, who ran the orphanage, that your first name was to be a traditional Irish name and your middle name would be after your mother, Bridget. The Sisters took you in and you lived in that orphanage until you were five years old, when you were adopted by an American couple.

    What is your name? Cassidy Bridgette
    What is your birthdate? December 25, cuz it says cold Dec. night
    What are your American parents' names? Ellen (Elle) Marie and Milo Paul

    2) They took you home, where you were soon immersed in their family. They had two children already, a twelve year old daughter and a nine year old son. You started to attend the same public school that their older children attended. You made many new friends, including your best friend, who soon became a surrogate sister to you. Nearly two years after you arrived in America, you celebrate your seventh birthday. Your parents give you a kitten of your very own. You are very excited and treat your kitten like a child.

    Where does your family live? small town in Pennsylvania
    What are your new siblings' names? Alana Noelle and Anthony James
    What is your best friend's name? Natalia Suzanne
    What is your kitten's name? Tootsie-Pop

    3) When you start middle school in the sixth grade, you become instantly popular. You are soon head of an elite clique, made up of three girls other than yourself and your best friend. It is this year that your eyes are opened to boys and the fun of being a teenager. Throughout your middle school years, you are on top. When you're in the eighth grade, however, tragedy strikes. Your beloved older brother, who is sixteen, is involved in a terrible accident. He survives with life-threatening injuries and spends a lot of time in the ICU. After months after months of therapy, he makes a full recovery.

    What are the names of the three other girls? Penelope Anne (Peach), Story Nicole, and Fiona Isabelle
    What kind of accident was your brother involved in? Someone shot him
    What were his life-threatening injuries? Paralyzed from the waist down

    4) In high school, your popularity spikes. You're on top of the world, somewhere you'd never thought you would be. You're busy all the time, with extra-curricular and after-school activities. Then you hear of the Phoebe Prince suicide, which really hits home for you. She was an Irish immigrant who had recently arrived in Massachusetts. You realize that could have been you! After much consideration, you decide you want to do something to help.

    What are your extra-curriculars and after-school activities? Gymnastics, ballet, drama club, student council, piano class
    What do you do to help? Raise money for a charity

    5) With the help of your many activities, you are accepted to the college of your dreams. You graduate high school ready to enter into the big world. You know just what you want to do with your life and you plan to pursue that.

    What is the college of your dreams? Princeton University
    What do you want to do with your life? Become a doctor

    TO BE CONTINUED....................
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