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    Gretchen Mol's baby daughter...

    Winter Morgan Williams!
    Honestly, I can't decide whether I like this choice or not - Winter is fine, cute even, but Morgan seems so entirely dated to me. I can't help but think of Sabrina's friend on "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (I have no idea why I make this connection, of all the Morgans in the world). It's a nice name for me, but it doesn't exactly live up to the standards Gretchen set when she named her son Ptolemy John. What do you guys think of her choice?

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    Re: Gretchen Mol's baby daughter...

    I agree. To me Morgan screams 1980's.

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    Re: Gretchen Mol's baby daughter...

    I think it's pretty, if a little understated-- which is often a good thing. Morgan could be a family name . . .

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    Re: Gretchen Mol's baby daughter...

    I had no idea her name was Winter Williams! Ha. I do like Winter, and I think it's one of those word names that can sound pretty and feminine, but Morgan leaves me hanging. I'd prefer it on a boy, honestly, because it wouldn't sound so 90s to me! But, then again, I'd like to anchor Winter with an established classic (as in Ptolemy John) - Winter Margaret, Winter Caroline, Winter Alice. And, why would I have expected Ptolemy's sister to be Aurelia or Octavia? Eh, it's a good start, but it didn't come all the way through for me...

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    Re: Gretchen Mol's baby daughter...

    I'm not sure how I feel about Winter. It already sounds tired, as if it's trying too hard to sound cool. The only plus is the nickname Winnie. Autumn is lovely and soft, and Summer is okay, too -- they both strike nice images in the mind. But winter? I just think of ice and blizzards. Not the best image, you know? It's as if that person is destined to be cold.
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