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    Naming Peanut. She's almost two.

    Dear Readers,

    My daughter is nearly two years old and I have yet to give her an official name. (in case you're wondering, she goes by the nickname Peanut). I felt the pressure to give her a name right away...and well, nothing clicked.

    "Well, didn't you make a list?"

    Yes. I had made a list - with many pretty & feminine names. Charlotte was at the top. Then there was Violet. Delphine. Chloe. June. Lily. But soon after she was born, I found a reason against all of them. You see, I came to believe that an overly feminine name would not suit her. She looks feminine and delicate - people say she looks like a doll (although I don't see that as being very complimentary, but that's another issue) - but her character is fiery, fiesty. And she's tough.

    So, I welcome your feedback, suggestions. Her last name is Ross. And I thought that Hannah (after her great grandmother) could be a middle name, or her third name.

    And some points to consider:
    • Feminine, but not frilly.
      Strong, but sweet

    Here are some of the names I'm considering of late.


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    Re: Naming Peanut. She's almost two.

    You need to give that girl a name quick before the only thing she can answer to is peanut. Charlotte Hannah Ross "Charlie" gets my vote. That way she has a poper name and a spunky tom boy nick name, it is the best of both worlds.

    Juniper Hannah "June"
    Penelope Hannah "Penny" "Poppy" or "Peanut"
    Scarlett Hannah
    Greer Hannah
    Tamsin Hannah
    Tatum Hannah
    Katherine Hannah "Kit"
    *Under Construction*

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    Re: Naming Peanut. She's almost two.

    Names I think fit her is:

    Fiera like Sierra
    Viva- Leonie
    A twin hoping for twins

    Guys: Crusoe Salem, Sly Andreas, Godot Marcellus, Fiyero Pierce, Messala Naphtali, Sima Christobel, Miho Calm, Aristan Promise

    Dolls: Alanis Persephone, Xena Temperance, Lark Eluned, Zuleika Rhoswen, Winsome Lys, Jewel Mahalia, Leocadia Neve

    Others: Ara Jessime, Steele Magnolia , Whisper Belle, Naoise Tal, Gaia Adelaide, Saga Liir, Ndumisa Taj

    Thinking about: Dot Hyacinth , Joni Lumina Requiem Archer, Jet Oleander, Halcyon Aster, Sterling Naveed

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    Re: Naming Peanut. She's almost two.

    My suggestion is go with a P name.


    To me these names fit your criteria and will make it easy for Peanut to learn her name
    Mom to Sonia Violette and Tabitha Claire

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    Re: Naming Peanut. She's almost two.

    How about Cadwyn? It's a favourite of mine. It meand 'Locket' in Welsh and Cadi or Caddie could be a cute nickame.
    I hope you find peanut a great name soon!

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