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    Re: Sibling for Chloe and Charlotte

    Thanks for your input everyone

    Right now I am leaning towards Georgia... I really love Isla but with a close neice as Lyla I am not sure I can do it....

    But I havent completly let go of another C girl...
    Cerys/Carys -

    As for a boy name...
    I got nothing. All my favorites that we couldn't use for Charlotte dont't feel as right anymore...

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    Re: Sibling for Chloe and Charlotte

    I like Georgia too and for a boy James Harrison.
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    Re: Sibling for Chloe and Charlotte

    hi, I like Isla and Georgia from your girls list (and if you love it, it doesn't matter if it is similar. My sister-in-law has a Chloe and her sister has a Zoe!). I agree that if you want more than three kiddies, maybe it might get a bit much with the 'c' theme, but if you really love a c name best, go for it!) I like Lucas and Liam from your boy list. Best wishes

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    Re: Sibling for Chloe and Charlotte

    Chloe, Charlotte and... Cecily popped into my head immediately!! *Swoon!* I think another 'C' would be great if you used a different 'c' or 'ch' sound, Chelsea was a good suggestion. Charity? Cherry? Maybe a little ott! Cindy, Cynthia? Sorry for any repeats! Btw, fwiw, Eleanora goes very well with Chloe and Charlotte, even though I would personally drop the 'a' in favour of Eleanor. Good Luck!
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    Re: Sibling for Chloe and Charlotte

    I would go with Chelsea. I LOVE this name and I think it goes really well with Chloe and Charlotte. Also, even though they all start with CH, they all have different sounds. (Hard C, Sh, and Ch) Chloe Charlotte and Chelsea sounds perfect to me.

    I would think about what your daughter would think. Do you think she would feel left out? Do you think she would like the individuality?

    For a boy, I don't think a theme would matter so much. I like Lucas the best of your list. I also like Christian and Christopher, for what it's worth.
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