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    Sibling for Chloe and Charlotte

    Hi everyone, this board was such a great resource when naming Charlotte, I am back for more!
    We are expecting in September and will not be finding out, very much on the green team!

    Anyways, would you continue the "C" names for the third?

    I never planned on having two C girls, let alone two CH girls. She just looked like Charlotte when she arrived, I had my heart set on Eleanora.

    I like regular names, older names, I guess on the popular side, not into trendy or last names as first names, nor do I like unisex names. Here are some names I like, but none of them come close to being The one... Please help!

    Any suggestions?

    Some names I Like
    Isla - have a neice Lyla too close?
    Ava - too popular even more me, but I love it

    If I was to continue with the C

    Continue CH

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    Re: Sibling for Chloe and Charlotte

    Although your daughters, Chloe and Charlotte, share a first initial, both names have a unique sound and style to them so I don't find them too matchy at all (Chloe is a mythological name - spunky, playful, quirky and begins with a "k" sound and Charlotte is more classic, elegant and ladylike and begins with an "sh" sound). There are different scenarios in your situation.
    (1) If this is your last child and a girl, then another distinct "C" name would be OK. I wouldn't want your third daughter to feel like the odd girl out. But personally I wouldn't go with another "CH" name (eg. Chelsea on your list is too close to Chloe). I think that would be overdoing it a bit. :lol: I would pick something with its own unique ending like Catherine, Celeste, Camilla, Constance or Cynthia.
    (2) If this is your last child and it's a boy, I would pick another letter. I like the name Christian but it shares the same sound as Chloe. Lucas, Theodore and Nathaniel on your list are great choices. Lucas seems to be the natural brother for Chloe and Charlotte (all have 2 syllables).
    (3) If you are planning on having more children in the future and the baby is either gender, I would choose another initial. You wouldn't want to box yourself in to a "C" name as it would limit your choices. I really like Georgia with Chloe and Charlotte. If you like something longer, Georgiana or Georgina would be wonderful too!
    Is Eleanora off your list this time? Eleanor or Leonora would also work well with Chloe and Charlotte. All the best!
    All the best,

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    Re: Sibling for Chloe and Charlotte

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    Re: Sibling for Chloe and Charlotte

    I think you should just use your favorite name without worrying about patterns.

    I like Georgia the best with Chloe and Charlotte.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Sibling for Chloe and Charlotte

    I would be tempted to use another C with a different sound if it isa girl, but I think you should use whatever name you love and fits the new baby regardless of pattern.

    Just in case Cecelia has a different beginning and ending sound than Chloe and Charlotte, still starts with C.

    My favorites from your list: Isla and Lucas.

    Good luck!

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