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Thread: Play day!

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    Play day!

    Every two weeks you and a few other mothers and their children get together and have a play date. Name them and list their ages. Have fun!

    Your Children: Your name-

    Mother One: Name-

    Mother Two: Name-

    Mother Three: Name-

    Mother Four[/i]: Name-

    Mother Five: Name-

    Mother Six: Name-

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    Re: Play day!

    Your Children: Viola Temple Valentine
    - Leonore Poesy (4)
    - Archer Leif (22 months)
    - Cillian Bay (22 months)

    Mother One: Neila Alison Hastings
    - Estelle Aurora (2)

    Mother Two: Louise May Darby
    - Freya Evangeline (2)
    - August Myles (4)

    Mother Three: Jude Olivia Stokes
    - Edlin Maya (2)
    - Westley James (9 months)

    Mother Four: Deirdre Elizabeth Thomas
    - Annabeth Eliza and Desmond Reid (3 weeks)

    Mother Five: Anne Madeleine Hardy
    - Theodosia Claire (4), Templeton Louis (2), Rutherford Miles (14 months), Astoria June (2 months)

    Mother Six: Arliss Cecilia Bentham
    - Haven Edmund (2) and Breezy Isabel (10 months)

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    Re: Play day!

    Me and my kids:
    Me: Rachel McDonald
    Kids: Claire Georgiana Marie
    Dexter Harrison "Dex"
    Owen William

    Mother 1: Karen Thompson
    Kid: Chloe Amelia

    Mother 2: Sarah O'Reilly
    Kids: Madeleine Rose
    Connor Patrick

    Mother 3: Jane Abrams
    Kids: Emmeline Violet "Emme"
    Hartford Daniel "Ford"

    Mother 4: Patricia Jameson
    Kids: Rebekah Pearl "Bekah"
    Oliver James "Ollie"

    Mother 5: Emily Tyson
    Kids: Daisy Alexandra
    Dash Reynolds
    Finn Theodore
    Hawk Leonard

    Mother 6: Lillian Quinn
    Kids: Andrew Robert Scott
    Isabel Clara June

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    Re: Play day!

    Me: Francesca Jillian 'Franny' Green.
    Daughter: Luna Noa Green.
    Son: Lardner Milo 'Ardie' Green.
    Son: Thomas Koa 'Tom' Green.

    Mother 1: Gillian Daijah 'Lia' Hill.
    Daughter: Seraphina Flora 'Sera' Hill.

    Mother 2: Evangeline Willow 'Angie' Lopez.
    Daughter: Kama Carys Lopez.
    Son: Lazarus Patrick 'Laz' Lopez.

    Mother 3: Robyn Octavia Wright.
    Daughter: Lillian Layla 'Lilli' Wright.
    Son: Aiden Rod Wright.

    Mother 4: Violet Elliot 'Vi' King.
    Twins: Piper Addison King & Auden Nevis King.

    Mother 5: Hattie Matilda Hernandez.
    Daughter: Bird Eliza Hernandez.
    Daughter: Pearl Silas Hernandez.
    Daughter: Tania Adelaide Hernandez.
    Son: Leonard Levi 'Leo' Hernandez.

    Mother 6: Norabel Casey 'Nora' Young.
    Son: Baxter Harry 'Terry' Young.
    Daughter: Tasha Aurora Young.

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    Re: Play day!

    Every two weeks you and a few other mothers and their children get together and have a play date. Name them and list their ages. Have fun!

    Your Children: Kaitlin Aileen Hogan -
    - Susannah Beth Hogan "Sunny"
    - Donald Henry Hogan "Don"
    - Jack Edmond Hogan

    Mother One: Jeneca Rae Brown
    - Kaya Michelle Brown

    Mother Two: Bridget Anne Starret
    - Astrid Rapunzel Starret
    - Jonas Flynn Starret

    Mother Three: Abigail Heather Grove
    - Brayleigh Malia Grove
    - Ryker Augustus Grove

    Mother Four: Lily Jennifer Keaton
    - Ella Grace Keaton and Emerson Michael Keaton

    Mother Five: Leila Holly Marx
    - Hannah Faith Marx
    - Hunter Maxfield Marx
    - Hayden Arthur Marx
    - Hailey Olivia Marx

    Mother Six: Evelyn Molly Simms
    - Archibald Victor Simms "Archie"
    - Tabitha Lindsay Simms "Tibby"
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    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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