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Thread: New BerryBaby

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    Re: New BerryBaby

    That is such a wonderful story! Great idea with the music!
    Her name is lovely. What a precious gift to your little one.
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    Re: New BerryBaby

    Oh Wow, what Fantastic news! Hermione is one of my Favourites and I think Grace goes beautifully with it too! I got tears in my eyes reading your story and as rollo said, what a wonderful story to tell her one day! And as gigi22 said, her name is 100% up to you and the family will soon forget that they ever had a problem with it when they get to know her! Well done to Mom and Dad! All the Best!
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    Re: New BerryBaby

    Congratulations! Hermione Grace is a beautiful name. I'm sure your family will come around soon

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    Re: New BerryBaby

    Congradulations Sadie on the new baby girl! As much as I was wishing for a little Conrad, I dont think you could have picked a better name for your little girl. Best of wished to you and your new family.
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    Re: New BerryBaby

    I am so in love with her name! What a wonderful choice. Congratulations on your sweet little girl joining your family!
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