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    Re: Nearly back to back pregnancies?

    If you decide you to another child or twins, you don't have to keep them. There's always adoption or abortion.
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    Re: Nearly back to back pregnancies?

    Tri, it may not be that bad. In my experience (I qualify having had no babies of my own, but being surrounded with a steady stream of them since I was 7) 1+/- year olds are much easier than either infants or 2 year olds. When this baby is born, your twins will be about 1... when they are 2, this one will be 1. That 8-month to 18-month range is (usually) golden, and I think it'll probably be easier this way than if you'd gone a whole year. The hardest part may be being pregnant with <8 month olds and not getting enough sleep. I hope you have some support, and a cooperative spouse.

    Speaking of which, if I were you, I'd tell my husband to get himself snipped once I was sure this one would stick, and if he didn't like it, he could sleep on the roof from now on. :lol:

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    Re: Nearly back to back pregnancies?

    You might be feeling overwhelmed right now, but trust are very blessed. There are a lot of people out there that wish they were in your shoes.

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    Re: Nearly back to back pregnancies?

    I dont have any children but I can say from experience with family members children that like other people have pointed out, it is much easier to have children who are a year apart as apposed to having them 2 years apart. My sister has three, her oldest are 4 years apart, and she had no problems with her oldest when the second was born. However when her third was born two years after the second he had major problems with jealousy and coping with not being the baby anymore. I think 1 yr-18 month or 3+ is the best age gap. Two year old are just so unpredictable in their moods that new babys can be very stressful.
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    Re: Nearly back to back pregnancies?

    Holy moly. I wondered why you were back to name-hunting to soon! Speaking as someone who can't quite bring myself to intentionally get pregnant again with a 3 yr old, your situation is sort of terrifying me, but as others have said, I'm sure there will be infinite benefits to having 3 so close in age as they get older. And I have also read that <2 and >3 are the easiest ages for transitioning siblings. And think how easy 1 baby will be after twins!! Congratulations!

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