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    Christmas Dinner

    Merry Christmas! It's the annual Christmas dinner at you and your husband's house with your kids and their families! How many kids do you have? How many grandchildren do you have? What are everybody's names?

    All last names and maiden names.

    Grandfather's & Grandmother's FN & MN

    How many kids did they have?
    Roll again for each child. Odd: Boy Even: Girl

    Daughters' FNs
    Sons' FNs
    Everyone's MNs

    You decide if each child is married, unmarried, divorced, remarried, etc!

    Wives' FN & MN
    Husbands' FN & MN

    How many children does each child have? Roll the dice to find out! Roll again for genders. Odd: Boy Even: Girl

    Names (Roll once for FN and once for MN for each child)
    4. Boys Girls
    5. Boys Girls
    6. Boys Girls


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    LN: Holt
    DGF (79): Ian Scott
    DGM (79): Lydia Charmaine (Carpenter)
    DD1 (56): Eva Mackenzie
    DS1 (54): Noah Dominic
    DS2 (53): James Andrew "Jamie"
    DS3 (51): Louis Spencer
    DD2 (50): Amelia Caroline "Mia"
    DD3 (47): Eleanor Grace "Ella Grace"
    DD4 (44): Alice Courtney

    LN: Butler
    DD1 (56): Eva Mackenzie (Holt)
    DH (58): Seth Theodore
    dd (33): Blair Imogen
    ds (30): Milo Sterling

    LN: Holt
    DS1 (54): Noah Dominic
    DW (51): Aria Piper (Schmidt)
    dd (32): India Adelaide
    ds (30): Clark Raphael
    dd (27): Lola Therese
    dd (25): Eden Florence
    dd (22): Ivy Margaret
    dd (20): Lane Gillian
    ds (18): Paul Rafferty
    dd (17): Nina Merritt
    ds (15): Levi Malcolm
    ds (12): Ellis Frederick

    LN: Holt
    DS2 (53): James Andrew "Jamie"
    DW (50): Maya Hazel (Pearson)
    dd (27): Diana Hadley
    ds (25): Jonas Everett
    dd (22): Wren Laurel
    dd/dd (21): Molly Sheridan/Elise Skylar
    ds (18): Tate Roscoe
    ds (15): Ian Julian
    ds (13): Reed Parker
    dd (11): Sage Vanessa
    dd (8): Macy Susannah

    LN: Holt
    DS3 (51): Louis Spencer
    DW (49): Sienna Gwendolyn (Poole)
    ds (27): Nash Cameron
    dd (24): Heidi Matilda
    ds (21): Tobias Wesley "Toby"
    dd (20): Jane Allegra
    dd (18): Adair Beatrix
    dd (16): Hollis Anastasia
    dd (13): Greta Bridget
    dd (12): River Cambria

    LN: Reeves
    DD2 (50): Amelia Caroline "Mia" (Holt)
    DH (53): Daniel Alexander
    ds (23): Mason Cormac
    dd (21): Ruth Camille
    ds (18): Nigel Gideon
    dd (16): Celia Isabelle
    dd (15): Nora Meredith
    dd (12): Elodie Margot

    LN: Robinson
    DD3 (47): Eleanor Grace "Ella Grace" (Holt)
    DH (49): Alric Jakob "AJ"
    ds (24): Peter Stephen
    dd (21): Sophia Hillary "Sophie"
    ds (18): Drake Christian
    dd (15): Esme Felicity
    dd (12): Martha Leighton "Marty"

    LN: Schneider
    DD4 (44): Alice Courtney (Holt)
    DH (46): August Caspian "Gus"
    dd (22): Sienna McKinley
    dd (21): Edith Merrigan
    dd (18): Marie Lillian
    ds (16): Knox Arthur
    ds (14): Ryder Gabriel
    ds (12): Flynn Wilder
    dd (11): Regan Penelope
    dd (8): Tara Lennon
    ds (6): Bowen Callum
    dd (3): Larkin Angelina

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    GF: Franklin Dominic Cannon (66)
    GM: Siobhan Rhiannon (Keller) Cannon (63)

    DD: Niamh Araminta (43)
    --DH: Alaric Cassian Weaver (44)
    -----DD: Zahra Piper (13)
    -----DS: Erasmus Lachlan (10)
    -----DD: Delphi Arabella (7)
    -----DS/DS: Lysander Thaddeus & Caspian Augustine (4)

    DD: Adelaide Aurora (40)
    --DH: Felix Damien Adkins (39)
    -----DD: Selene Clementine (15)
    -----DS: Magnus Gabriel (13)
    -----DD: Piper Imogen (10)
    -----DS: Clyde Cedric (7)

    DS: Rowan Cornelius (39)
    --DW: Astrid Calliope Lynch (37)
    -----DS: Alastair Valentine (18)
    -----DD: Aurelia Eugenie (13)

    DS: Theo Reginald (37)
    --DH: Jasper Lachlan Craig-Cannon (37)
    -----ADD: Florence Zipporah (5)
    -----ADS: Gideon Dominic (4)
    -----ADD: Penelope Isadora (2)

    DS: Atticus Leopold (34)
    --DW: Hazel Lilias Patton (33)
    -----DS: Killian Bartholomew (4)

    DS: Oliver Sebastian (32)
    --DW: Cleo Eleanora Cobb (32) [died in car crash last year]
    -----DS: Salem Vincent (12)
    -----DD: Olympia Eyre (10)
    -----DD: Lavinia Juniper (6)
    -----DD: Tatiana Odette (3)

    DD: Rosalie Mildred (31)
    --DH: Phineas Rohan Baldwin (30)
    -----DS: Linus Ezekiel (6)
    -----DS: Gustav Fabian (2)

    DS: Finley Rupert (28)
    --DW: Gwendolyn Imogen Dennis (29)
    -----DD: Estella Colette (1)

    DD: Beatrice Cecilia (25)
    --DH: Theon Zephyr Chambers (27) [never married & no longer together]
    -----DS: Sven Edmund (2)
    -----DS: Ingram Leander (nb)
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    GF: Harley Scott Brooks
    GM: Gemma Autumn Brooks née Herrera

    B/B: Rowan Spencer & George Sebastian
    G: Helena Simone
    G: Amelia Grace
    G: Beatrice Elle "Bee"
    G: Maeve Aurora
    B: Joseph Andrew

    Harley & Gemma with their seven kids, fraternal twins Rowan and George, Helena, Amelia, Bee, Maeve, & Joseph.

    ... Rowan's Family
    H: Rowan Spencer Brooks
    W: Luna Jade Brooks née Holland

    G: Maud Amoret
    G: Margaret Clove "Maggie"
    B: Clyde Larkin
    G: Charlotte Verona "Charlie"
    B: Forrest Oslo
    B: Colton Sean "Colt"

    Rowan & Luna with their six kids, Maud, Maggie, Clyde, Charlie, Forrest, & Colt.

    ... George's Family
    H: George Sebastian Brooks-Morley
    H: Declan Ash Brooks-Morley

    G: Selene Angelina
    B: Darrow Travis
    B: Theon Raphael
    B: Caleb James
    G: Isla Vivienne

    George & Declain with their five kdis, Selene, Darrow, Theon, Caleb, & Isla.

    ... Amelia's Family
    H: Nathan Frey Blakely
    W: Amelia Grace Blakely née Brooks

    G/G/G: Ariel Winslet, Marie Alouette, & Piper Hermione
    B: Jasper Vincent

    Nathan & Amelia with their four kids, identical triplets Ariel, Marie, Piper, & Jasper.

    ... Bee's Family
    ExH: Jakob Falconer Huff
    W: Beatrice Elle Brooks "Bee"

    B: Flynn Everett
    B: Nico Sawyer
    B: Leo Harlan

    Jakob & Bee had three kids before divorcing, Flynn, Nico, & Leo.

    ... Maeve's Family
    H: Caspian Alaric Vargas
    W: Maeve Aurora Vargas née Brooks

    B: Miles Dean
    G: Lavender Jane

    Caspian & Maeve with their two kids, Miles and Lavender.

    ... Joseph's Family
    H: Joseph Andrew Brooks
    W: Romy Eris Brooks née Drake

    B: Benedict Fox "Ben"
    G: Rhea Taylor
    B: Roscoe Preston
    B: Ansel Hudson
    G: Linnea Juliette
    B: Trey Sylas
    B: Knox Peregrine
    G: Juniper Lissome

    Joseph & Romy with their eight kids, Ben, Rhea, Roscoe, Ansel, Linnea, Trey, Knox, & Juniper.

    ... And that's all for the Brooks family! :P
    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
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    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
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    Merry Christmas everyone! My name is Millie Monica Wells {nee: Moss}, and I'm married to William Lewis Wells. We have two beautiful daughters who are now grown up and have children of their own. Their names are: Alexandra Edith Parsons {nee: Wells} & Vivienne Rita Bowman {nee: Wells}.

    This year, like every year, our girls and their families come to ours for Christmas Day.

    Allie and her husband, Alaric D'Artagnan Parsons, have just one child, a bouncing boy called Edmund Henry Enzo Parsons.

    Vivi, on the other end of the spectrum, has gifted us with seven grandchildren! With her first partner whom she never married- Damon Ireland Simon - Vivi had two daughters; Willow Eleanor Mary Simon, and Morgan Anna Luisa Simon. We're all still friendly with Damon, and see him on Boxing Day when he comes to collect the girls.
    Vivi then went on to marry Theo Raphael Bowman, and together they had five more children; Naomi Juno Bowman, Arthur Finch Bowman, Sebastian Clark Bowman, Isis Caroline Bowman, and Freya Kimberly Bowman. The house becomes a little cramped when this lot show up, but one things certain, we're never bored when they're around!


    Millie (60) and Will (58) with: Allie (37), and Vivi (35).
    Allie (37) and Alaric (36) with: Edmund (7).
    Vivi (35) and Damon (35) with: Willow (14), and Morgan (13). // and Theo (39) with: Naomi (8), Arthur (6), Seb (5), Isis (2), and Freya (9mo).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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