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    Re: John, Paul, George, or...

    I'm leaning towards Edward. I know Desmond Edward sounds clunky, but I like it. I also like that the initials would be DEB- Deborah was my aunt's name, who passed away a few years ago. Furthermore, since DD's name, Grace Patricia, has similar sounds, I like the fact that he would, too.
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    Re: John, Paul, George, or...

    I'd really like to see someone name their kid Ringo Starkey Lastname.
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    Re: John, Paul, George, or...

    Interesting list. I'd look into more of the flow of syllables. With the two-syllable Desmond, I'd choose a middle that wasn't also two-syllables so consider three or one to keep with the flow. Why not choose a name that doesn't have the same # of syllables as the last name either? 2-3-1 count or 2-1-3 for the full name would seem ideal.
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    Re: John, Paul, George, or...

    I would love to see brothers named John, Paul, George and Richard personally.

    Anyway Desmond George sounds amazing...I have a thing for the name George XD.

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    Re: John, Paul, George, or...

    My favorite is Desmond George, followed by Desmond Paul.

    (love Desmond, btw. It was on our short list, too!)

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