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Thread: Michael??

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    Hi Berries.....just wondering everyone's opinion on the name Michael. I do realize the popularity, however I love strong, classic names. My other son is named Connor, and while there are many Gaelic names that I love, it seems as though they are becoming uber-trendy these days. Opinions welcomed!!!!

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    Re: Michael??

    Michael's okay to me. It is a solid classic, but definitely as overdone as a solid classic can be. I like the sound of it, I really do, and I generally don't care about popularity, but Michael is just ridiculous. It's overdone to the point of insanity. I'd bet there's not a block in America without at least one Michael living on it. And so as nice as it is, I can't like it because it's just so dreadfully boring. Still classic, still a nice name, but very, very boring to me.

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    Re: Michael??

    You really can't go wrong with using a solid and classic name like Michael. I think a person would rather have the name Michael than...gosh I don't know... Aydyn or Dodge or Kelvin.

    (just make sure you spell it right-- I'm really disturbed by the # of Micheal's born each year...)
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    Re: Michael??

    Honestly? I find it very boring. There were over 64,000 Michaels born the year that I was. That is enough Michaels to account for nearly everyone living in my town.

    Names that have the same feeling as Michael but arent overdone:
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    Re: Michael??

    I do like the name Michael, but not particularly the nickname Mike. (When I was in 6th grade, unbelievably, there were four or five "Mike"s in my class that year!) It would be fine to use, but I think Michael shines brighter as a middle name.
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