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    Re: The new look Nameberry

    Please help! My saved lists are no longer showing up! I don't have backup copies so I'm freaking out!

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    Re: The new look Nameberry

    Ahhh, I'm really sorry to seem like the only negative one, but I'm a little upset about the new Nameberry. it seems more cluttered to me, and I much preferred the old pink/purple colors. The old one was more attractive and easy to use imo. any chance that this is just a temporary change? (sorry to be such a buzz-killer btw, lol)
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    Re: The new look Nameberry

    yes where are the saved name lists?? There were a bunch on there that I hadn't even talked to my husband about...??? :?
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    Re: The new look Nameberry

    Yes, please find a fix for the saved names!

    I could find mine if I clicked "Create a List" but it's hardly a solution--just gives me blank lists I need to delete.

    Also, I could be just missing it, but how do I add a name to a list now?

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    Re: The new look Nameberry

    I like the changes in general, but the font size in the message boards is now so HUGE that I feel like I have to lean back from my computer to read!
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