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Thread: York?

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    Hi berries,

    I'm wondering what you think of the name York?
    It's VERY different, but it's my Husbands mn, as well as his Grandfathers (Chinese descent) so it does have meaning in our family. I also know it's an Old English name.
    What kind of person do you think of when you hear or see the spelling York? What mn's would work well with it?

    I appreciate you feedback!

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    Re: York?

    Absolutely love it! It is different in that you don't hear it often, but it's familiar and so straightforward to say and spell that I don't think anyone would think it was strange or odd. When I see York, I think of the lovely English Viking city. The name sounds really strong, handsome, and distinguished. The fact that it has family significance is even more of a bonus.

    I would pair it with a longer middle name to keep it from sounding abrupt. Maybe something traditional, without too many hard consonants. Some ideas:

    York Benjamin
    York Alexander
    York Jameson
    York Harrison
    York Oliver
    York Thomas
    York Theodore
    York Julian

    Any of those appeal to you? I think York would be a fabulous choice

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    Re: York?

    Yes, a lot of your suggestions appeal to me. Oliver is a favourite of mine and is on our list. I think you're right about York being paired with a more classic, traditional name - and one with more syllables.
    Thank you!!

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    Re: York?

    I once had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful medieval town of York, England and I must admit the name has stayed with me. It would be an unusual choice but definitely usuable especially with the family connection. I agree with the pp that York needs a longer middle name. All the best!
    York Nathaniel
    York Solomon
    York Anderson
    York Matthias
    York Emmanuel
    York Tristan
    York Jeremiah
    York Abraham
    York Jonah
    York Joseph
    York Lysander
    York Maxwell
    York Quentin
    York Reuben
    York Samuel
    York Tobias
    York Vincent
    York Xavier
    York Sebastian
    York Francis
    York Jerome
    York Samson
    All the best,

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    Re: York?

    While I'm generally a big fan of names with family connections, I'm lukewarm on York as a first name. I think it's the rhymes (dork, fork, pork, etc.) that I find slightly offputting. I'd probably use it in the middle if I were you.
    *Mother to twins Charles and Samuel*

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