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Thread: BNG- Fun :)

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    Jul 2013
    LN: Kirkland
    DH: Robert Scott "Rob"
    DW: Tara Ashley *Hunter*
    DD1 [13]: Sarah Makenzie
    DD2 [11]: Ava Peyton
    DS1 [9]: Noah Zachary
    DD3 [6]: Olivia Kaitlyn "Livy"
    DS2 [6]: Gavin Hunter

    LN: Matthews
    DH: Aaron Christopher
    DW: Stephanie Rose Lavinge
    DS1 [9]: Maxwell Ryder "Max"
    DS2 [7]: Landon Joshua
    DD [5]: Molly Rachel

    LN: Dehan
    DH: Jon Alan
    DW: Julie Michelle *Peever*
    DS [6]: Konnor Daniel
    DS2 [4]: Dylan Asher
    DD1 [3]: Hailey Joey
    DD2 [15m]: Ryan Charlotte

    LN: McArthur
    DH: Michael Phillip "Mike"
    DW: Melissa Dawn *Castles* Missy"
    DD [8]: Presley Josephine
    DS [5]: Hudson River
    DS2 [3]: Jonah Gabriel
    DS3 [NB]: Archer Steven

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    May 2013
    Family One:
    DH: Matthew Robert Kirkland
    DW: Tara Nicole Kirkland
    DD1 [13]: Sarah Lydia Kirkland
    DD2 [11]: Liliana Zoey Kirkland
    DS1 [9]: Zachary Alexander Kirkland
    DD3 [6]: Olivia Freya Kirkland
    DS2 [6]: Nathaniel Seth Kirkland

    "Matt, Tara, Sarah, Lily, Zach, Liv & Nathan"

    Family Two:
    DH: Aaron Christopher Wilkinson
    DW: Stephanie Rose Wilkinson
    DS1 [9]: Nicholas Ty Wilkinson
    DS2 [7]: Preston Vance Wilkinson
    DD [5]: Rachel Molly Wilkinson

    "Aaron, Steph, Nick, Preston & Elle"

    Family Three:
    DH: Trevor Alan Dehan
    DW: Anna Michelle Dehan
    DS [6]: Konnor Layne Dehan
    DS2 [4]: Asher Logan Dehan
    DD1 [3]: Claira Joy Dehan
    DD2 [15m]: Charlotte Abbigale Dehan

    "Trev, Annie, Konnor, Ash, Claire & Lottie"

    Family Four:
    DH: Jack Phillip McArthur
    DW: Elizabeth Dawn McArthur
    DD [8]: Josephine Nikki McArthur
    DS [5]: Romeo Hudson McArthur
    DS2 [3]: Gabriel Xavier McArthur
    DS3 [NB]: Dominic Steven McArthur

    "Jack, Libby, Josie, Romeo, Gabe & Dom"

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    Jul 2013
    Family One : Lastname- Hunter
    DH: Jarred Scott Hunter
    DW: Ashley-Nicole Hunter
    DD1 [13]: Annie Makenzie Hunter
    DD2 [11]: Peyton Isobella Hunter
    DS1 [9]: Noah Alexander Hunter
    DD3 [6]: Gabriella Jacelyn Hunter
    DS2 [6]: Seth Fabian Hunter
    Family Two: Lastname- Wilkinson
    DH: Christopher Aaron Wilkinson
    DW: Meagan Kimberly Wilkinson
    DS1 [9]: Ryder Kaleb Wilkinson
    DS2 [7]: Joshua Zane Wilkinson
    DD [5]: Tabitha Emilie Wilkinson
    Family Three: Lastname- Dehan
    DH: Trevor Alan Dehan
    DW: Julie Michelle Dehan
    DS [6]: Daniel Layne Dehan
    DS2 [4]: Logan Asher Dehan
    DD1 [3]: Hope Claira Dehan
    DD2 [15m]: Abbigale Ryan Dehan
    Family Four: Lastname- Castles
    DH: Michael Jack Castles
    DW: Melissa Dawn Castles
    DD [8]: Nikki Lee Castles
    DS [5]: River Hudson Castles
    DS2 [3]: Jonah Gabriel Castles
    DS3 [NB]: Tatum Tyrone Castles

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    Dec 2012
    Family 1: Last Name Hunter
    DH: David Matthew
    DW: Tara Nicole
    DD: Lydia Rebekah
    DD: Lilliana Peyton
    DS: Lucas Alexander
    DD: Olivia Gabriella
    DS: Gavin Nathaniel

    Family 2: Last Name Wilkinson
    DH: Aaron Christopher
    DW: Lucy Rose
    DS: Nolan Maxwell
    DS: Vance Carson
    DD: Molly Emilie

    Family 3: Last Name Dehan
    DH: Trevor Alan
    DW: Anna Michelle
    DS: Daniel Lane
    DS: Dylan Taylor
    DD: Clara Hannah
    DD: Vivian Charlotte

    Family 4: Last Name McARthur
    DH: Albert Michael
    DW: Elizabeth Dawn
    DD: Josephine Lee "Josie"
    DS: River Hudson
    DS: Jonah Greyer
    DS: Dominic Steven

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    Nov 2012
    The Hunter Family

    H: [39] David Matthew Hunter
    W: [38] Tara Ashley Hunter

    G: [13] Lydia Sarah Hunter
    G: [11] Lilliana Ava Hunter "Lillie"
    B: [9] Oliver Noah Hunter "Ollie"
    G: [6] Freya Danica Hunter
    B: [6] Nathaniel Seth Hunter "Nate"

    David & Tara with Lydia, Lillie, Ollie, Freya, & Nate.

    The Wilkinson Family

    H: [35] Aaron Christopher Wilkinson
    W: [35] Lucy Rose Wilkinson

    B: [9] Maxwell Nolan Wilkinson "Max"
    B: [7] Preston Zane Wilkinson
    G: [5] Willow Tabitha Wilkinson

    Aaron & Lucy with Max, Preston, & Willow.

    The Berta Family

    H: [30] Trevor Dustin Berta
    W: [29] Anna Michelle Berta

    B: [6] Ryker Daniel Berta
    B: [4] Asher Logan Berta
    B: [3] Claira Hope Berta
    G: [15m] Vivien Charlotte Berta

    Trevor & Anna with Ryker, Asher, Claira, & Vivien.

    The Castles Family

    H: [41] Jack Phillip Castles
    W: [37] Elizabeth Dawn Castles

    G: [8] Josephine Lee Castles "Josie"
    B: [5] Romeo Hudson Castles
    B: [3] Jonah Kole Castles
    B: [NB] Archer Tatum Castles

    Jack & Elizabeth with Josie, Romeo, Jonah, & Archer.
    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
    ♂: Wolf, Orion, Knox, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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