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    Hi guys, so I've decided to write a story about a lady and a man who used to go to high school together and they reunite and soon fall in love. The mum has already got 5 daughters and the dad has got 2 daughters. I need help naming them. I also need a few other random families for the story too and maybe the grandparents of both families if you feel up to it ad it would help if you could name the biological dad (deceased) of the 5 sisters and the biological mum of the 2 sisters.
    Sister #1: She is 15. She is the oldest of the 5. She is very happy for her mum but not too keen on "step-dad" as he has a prison record. Caring, pretty and helpful. She loves art and would love to be an artist one-day. She has lots of friends and a super-cute boyfriend, super popular. She has thick wavy long blonde hair with big bright blue eyes and creamy skin. She loves her family to bits.
    Sister #2: She is 14. She is shy and quirky and awkward at times. She isn't as popular as sister #1 but still has a big amount of friends and boys are chasing after her. She is very independent and doesn't want a boyfriend. She is very inquisitive and likes to know everything which sometimes can lead her to problems. She admires her older sister. She has thin straight blonde hair with misty blue eyes and tanned skin.
    Sister #3: She is 13. She is outgoing, immature and funny. She is her own person and doesn't take anyone's advice apart from her mother's and her oldest sister's. She is slim and graceful, she can sometimes be old-fashioned but she wants to be an actress. She has a group of close friends but loads of friends and she has dated half the boys of the school. She has thick wavy dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes.
    Sister #4: She is 12. She is clever, understanding and low-maintenance, opposite to sister #1 and #3. She has a best friend, a few close friends and lots of friends. She is very creative and wants to be an author. She is a bit of a perfectionist and wants everything to be just perfect, she is a bit like sister #2 and can sometimes a bit old-fashioned and weird. She has short straight blonde hair and light blue eyes.
    Sister #5: She is 11. She is cheeky, a troublemaker and imaginative. She is always writing down her ideas for films for sister #3 and s always there to watch her rehearse. She would like to be the director of her sisters films. She loves helping her family and friends. She is very active and always is out for a run around their massive garden with their 3 dogs. She has long thin blonde hair with ice blue eyes.
    Parent #1: She is 44. She is kind, advising and supportive. She has never missed or even been late for her daughters school plays or anything like that. She has never let any of her daughters down but can be embarrassing. When their dad died of lung cancer (because he smoked), she was very brave and supportive and was the reason that they all moved on. She has long wavy blonde hair always in a ponytail with sky blue eyes.
    Sister #1: She is 16. She is honest, generous and easy-going. She is always smiling and helping out without being asked. She is always trying to sort out problems and make things better. She has a strong relationship with her boyfriend and enjoys college. She has to take the bus everyday at 6 in the morning but she doesn't moan. She is very mature and responsible. She has long straight thick air and blue-green eyes.
    Sister #2: She is 15. She is hard-working, polite and neat. She has a lot of instruments and is always practising to one day be a musician. She gets along great with sister #1 as they are the same age. She is very loyal and stick up for her family if needed. She is very popular too and has a few boyfriends till she decides to stay single. She has elbow-length brown thick wavy brown hair and blue-grey eyes
    Parent #2: He is 47. He is ambitious, determinated and wise. He loves his family a lot and is never unfair. He was very upset when he found out his wife was cheating. He wouldn't have moved on without his daughters. He is a big softy inside but likes to act all tough. He can always cheer someone sad up and is great to be around. He has short brown hair and ocean blue eyes.
    Biological father:
    Biological mother:
    Grandparents for sisters #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5:
    Grandparents for sisters #1 & #2:
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    Sister 1: Laila Charlotte
    Sister 2: Paige Elisabeth
    Sister 3: Tessa Abigail
    Sister 4: Alice Taylor
    Sister 5: Lucy Hannah

    Parent 1: Jillian Grace "Jill"

    Sister 1: Anna Sophia
    Sister 2: Hazel Madison

    Parent 2: Thomas Robert

    Biological father: Alexander Isaac "Alex"
    Biological mother: Cassandra Lucy "Cassie"

    Grandparents of Laila, Paige, Tessa, Alice and Lucy: Barbara Kate and Kenneth Charles "Ken"
    Grandparents of Anna and Hazel: Margaret Hannah and Samuel Andrew "Sam"

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    Rhode Island
    DH: Michael Quintus Coin.
    DW: Rosamund Adele Coin.

    1. (15) Brooklyn Elisabeth Wright.
    - Brooklyn's BF: Carlos Daniel Tucci.
    2. (14) Rebekah Claire Wright.
    3. (13) Verena Rosalie Wright.
    4. (12) Chelsea Caitlin Wright.
    5. (11) Jessa Victoria Wright.

    1. (16) Ginevra Leigh "Ginny" Coin.
    - Ginny's BF: Zoran James Sutherland.
    2. (15) Lilian Annalise Coin.

    Rosamund's Ex-DH: (†) Benjamin Gaius "Ben" Wright.
    Michael's Ex-DH: Violet Rose "Lettie" Shields.

    Rosamund's Mother: Adrienne Elise Snow.
    Rosamund's Father: Reeve Alexander Snow.
    Ben's Mother: Shirley Jane Wright.
    Ben's Father: Floyd Christopher Wright.

    Michael's Mother: Eleonora Charlotte Coin.
    Michael's Father: Turner John Coin.
    Lettie's Mother: Larkin Elizabeth Shields.
    Lettie's Father: Balthasar George Shields.

    Dog: Hannibal.
    Dog: Dolly.
    Dog: Lake.

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