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    No Doubt's Tom Dumont welcomes baby boy!

    Koa Thomas Dumont joins big brothers Ace Joseph and Rio Atticus, born Saturday morning.

    Thoughts? I'm not sure what I think about Koa, but I like Ace, even though it's not my style. I adore Atticus though!

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    Re: No Doubt's Tom Dumont welcomes baby boy!

    I feel like Atticus is the new Holden which will likely be overused and should be on the hipster list if it isn't already. I do love the initials RAD (Rio Atticus Dumont) and the AJ (of Ace Joseph). I'm not sure about Koa Thomas (KT? Katie?). Koa sounds more like a girl's name with the final A. I do appreciate him thinking outside of the box.
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