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    Re: A little more help pls - final 2 names for Twin B!

    I vote for Donovan.

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    Re: A little more help pls - final 2 names for Twin B!

    Quote Originally Posted by blankigirl9706
    Okay, perhaps I wrote prematurely...DH and I talked today about names and I think we're settled on:

    Twin A: Oliver Long...(3 syllables)
    Twin B: Eli Long...(3 syllables)

    He had previously vetoed Eli, which has always been a favorite of mine! I think these two will work well together.
    Yea!! Any feedback or thoughts?

    I definitely don't think Eli works with a brother named Oliver it just looks like a short version of Oliver. By all means if you love it put it in the middle name spot but as a first name definitely not.

    Donovan and Oliver is WAY better. I also think it is a refreshing sibset. Donovan Long is a strong name that will serve your son well, definitely go for Donovan.


    Donovan Douglas Long
    Donovan James Long
    Donovan Elliott (a way of getting Eli but in a way that suits the combo well)
    Donovan Harry Long
    Donovan Edward Long
    Donovan David Long
    Donovan Peter Long
    Donovan Lucas Long
    Donovan Leo Long
    Donovan Andrew Long
    Donovan Noah Long

    Psalm 23

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