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    Aug 2010
    United States
    India Lark (kept)
    Jane Paloma (swapped)
    Elodie Maeve (changed MN)
    Claire Vivienne (changed FN)
    Phoebe Genevieve (initials)
    19 year old name addict

    Alice, Amelie, Eleanor, Elodie, Eloise, Esme, Eve, Felicity, Imogen, Ivy, June, Maeve, Olive, Phoebe, Violet
    Dashiell, Declan, Elliot, Everett, Ezra, Felix, Finn, Henry, Hugo, Isaac, Jasper, Jude, Luke, Oliver, Samuel

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    India Lark (kept)
    Vivienne Claire (swapped)
    Madeline Paloma (changed FN)
    Phoebe Skye (changed MN)
    Eliza Monet (initials)
    Sara Kathleen, lucky caretaker of 9 year old Stella, regal tuxedo feline,
    and 8 year old Maisy, gracious yellow Labrador.

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    Dec 2011
    Eliza Monet (kept)
    Claire Vivienne (swapped)
    Phoebe Katherine (changed mn)
    Georgiana Lark (changed fn)
    Maisie Paige (initials)

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    Jul 2011
    Eliza Monet (kept)
    Phoebe Anya (changed mn)
    Vivienne Claire (swapped)
    Amelia Lark (changed fn)
    Matilda Poppy (initials)
    Arthur, August, Cassius, Ezra, Hector, Henry, Jonah, Theodore, Wilfred, Winston

    Adele, Beatrice, Clara, Eliza, Ivy, Josephine, Matilda, Pearl, Penelope, Rosa

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    Jun 2012
    Wales, United Kingdom
    Amelia Lark (Kept)
    Poppy Matilda (Swapped)
    Phoebe Aurelia (Changed MN)
    Bridgit Claire (Changed FN)
    Elodie May (Initials)
    Libby Felicity Annalise Isla Phoebe Carina Violet Martha Ariana | Iowan Macsen Henry Isaac Jude Freddie Aneurin Niall Adair

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