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    Quintuplet Game-GIRLS

    This is a game I borrowed from another site...

    You and your husband just found out you are having quints! all girls!!!

    I will start the game off:

    their names are below. You will keep one name as is. You will swap one name (reverse first name & middle name). You will change one first name (while keeping the middle name). You will change one middle name (while keeping the first name as is) and you will keep the initials of one name.Example:

    Briar Genevieve -
    Isabella Josephine -
    Naomi Madeleine -
    Vittoria Mae -
    Cora Grace -

    Briar Genevieve - (kept)
    Sadie Josephine - (changed FN)
    Madeleine Naomi - (swapped)
    Vittoria Diann - (change MN)
    Carissa Giselle - (Kept initials)

    The next poster will copy and paste the 5 names and alter for their post!
    Please make sure you replied to the last post and have fun!!!
    Today my favorites are : **Aubrey Gracen Yves
    **Easton Lee Joseph

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    Re: Quintuplet Game-GIRLS

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    Re: Quintuplet Game-GIRLS

    Madeleine Elizabeth (kept)
    Gemma Coraline (swapped)
    Grace Brianne (Kept initials)
    Amelia Faith (change MN)
    Sarah Josephine (changed FN)

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    Re: Quintuplet Game-GIRLS

    Gemma Coraline (kept)
    Elizabeth Madeleine (swapped)
    Gianna Briony (Kept initials)
    Amelia Roseline (change MN)
    Neva Josephine (changed FN)

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    Re: Quintuplet Game-GIRLS

    Elizabeth Madeleine (kept)
    Roseline Amelia (swapped)
    Gemma Catherine (change MN)
    Nicole Jane (Kept initials)
    Ava Briony (changed FN)

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