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    You live in a cul-de-sac with 8 familes. Name them and ages! Have fun

    Family one:
    Maxwell Thomas(29) and Genevieve Rose(28): Troy Hunter (6) and Chloe Jeana (2)

    Family two:
    Reshawn Keith (34) and Lila Odette (32): Shane Gregory (5) and Skye Thelma

    Family three:
    Christopher David (31) and Meredith Nyla (30): Esme Quinn (4), Miles Henry, (3) and Samantha Carter (5 monthes)

    Family four:
    Raymond Arthur (27) and Clarissa Taylor (28): Edward Sylvester (7)

    Family five:
    Finn Kyle (38) and Joan Ezmerelda (40): Anastasia Dawn (15), Bethany Sophia (8), Justine Ava (5), and Callista Jade (3)

    Family six:
    Harry Maverick (37) and Miley Yvette (35): Allen Danny (8), Kelsey Hana (6), and Scott Tanner (3)

    Family seven:
    Foxx Jeffery (34) and Marigold Shannon (33): Sheila Stephanie (4), Brooke Whilemina (4), and Kassia Delle (7 monthes)

    Family eight:
    Nathan Gerald (5), Oliver Daniel (2), Anthony Simon (12), Kenneth Harold (7), and Vincent Greer (9)

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    Louis Richard Keller and Marissa Rachel Keller with Fletcher James Keller (5) and Harper Charlotte Keller (2) --- Louis, Marissa, Fletcher and Harper

    Joseph Joshua Bradley and Kelly Emily Bradley with Joshua Dean Bradley(6) and Emily Sophie Bradley(3) – JJ, Kelly, Josh and Emmy

    Thomas George Drew and Louisa Josephine Drew with Mackenzie Willow Drew (6), Sean Caleb Drew (3) and Addison Phoebe Drew(0) – Tom, Lou, Kenzie, Sean and Addie

    Kevin Frank Donald and Alison Grace Donald with Reed Frank Donald ( 7) – Kevin, Alison and Reed

    Scott Ivan Edwards and Carolyn Marie Edwards with Jessica Hope Edwards (17), Madison Faith Edwards (8), Katelyn Trinity Edwards (4) and Rebecca Joy Edwards (3) – Scott, Carolyn, Jess, Maddie, Katie and Becci

    Jonathan William Fakes and Juliet Katherine Fakes with Alexa Roxanne Fakes (11), Avery Georgia Fakes (6) and Adam Elijah Fakes (3) – Jonny, Julie, Alex, Avery and Adam

    Oliver Thomas Jones and Emily Rachel Jones with Phoebe Megan Jones (8), Sophie Ella Jones (4) and Eloise Brooke Jones (1) – Oliver, Emily, Phoebe, Sophie and Eloise

    James Kevin Vincent and Diane Joanna Vincent with Ryan Kevin Vincent (13), Seth Henry Vincent (10), Luke Thomas Vincent (8), Noah Theodore Vincent (7) and Levi Nicholas Vincent (2) – James, Diane, Ryan, Seth, Luke, Noah and Levi
    Boys: Levi William, Owen Vaughan and Ryan Austin.
    Girls: Connie Savannah and Eloise Andrea/Eloise Olivia.

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    Family 1: Brennan
    DH: Isaac Ebenezer
    DW: Esme Farrah
    DS (7): Zachary Enzo
    DD (3): Jasmine Beth

    Family 2: Ashley
    DH: Lucas Bradley
    DW: Lauren Cara
    DS (6): Milo Reuben
    DD (4): Chloe Fae

    Family 3: Campbell
    DH: Liam Micah
    DW: Eden Lacey
    DD (7): Imogen Abigail
    DS (4): Oscar Finley
    DD (0): Isabel Seren

    Family 4: Jones
    DH: Jacob Joshua
    DW: Esther Taliah
    DS (6): Theodore Miles

    Family 5: Anderson
    DH: Ezra George
    DW: Rebekah Erin
    DD (17): Amelia Norah
    DD (9): Ella Rosalie
    DD (8): Savannah Ruth
    DD (4): Matilda Sian

    Family 6: Buckton
    DH: Nathaniel Harry
    DW: Eleanor Megan
    DS (10): Edward Noel
    DD (9): Charlotte India
    DS (5): Daniel Benjamin

    Family 7: Lee
    DH: Zane Felix
    DW: Jade Samarah
    DD/DD (7): Genevieve Isla & Sophia Caitlin
    DD (1): Hallie Natasha

    Family 8: Green
    DH: Gregory Rhys
    DW: Emily Tabitha
    DS (14): Mason Thomas
    DS (8): Riley Adam
    DS (7): Arlo James
    DS (6): Noah Charlie
    DS (3): Carter Samuel

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    You live in a cul-de-sac with 8 familes. Name them and ages! Have fun

    Family one: Peters Family
    DH: Simon Theodore Peters
    DW: Elizabeth Molly Peters
    DS: Samuel James Peters
    DD: Antonia Charlotte Peters

    Family two: Jackson Family
    DH: Michael Joseph Jackson
    DW: Barbara Jade Jackson
    DD: Britney Tamara Jackson
    DS: Seth Jonathan Jackson

    Family three: Douglas Family
    DH: Thomas Scott Douglas
    DW: Megan Elise Douglas
    DD: Olive Leighton Douglas
    DS: Kevin Cristopher Douglas
    DD: Penelope Gia Douglas

    Family four: Smith Family
    DH: Richard John Smith
    DW: Meredith Louise Smith
    DD: Eden Caroline Smith

    Family five: Cooper Family
    DH: Daniel Ivan Cooper
    DW: Emma Nancy Coorper
    DD: Chloe Arielle Cooper
    DD: Rebecca Jane Cooper
    DD: Temperance Rose Cooper
    DD: Grace Mary-Elle Cooper

    Family six: Banks Family
    DH: Mark Anthony Banks
    DW: Amy Rachel Banks
    DD: Violet Quinn Banks
    DD: Ivy Cassandra Banks
    DS: Caleb Malcolm Banks

    Family seven: Day Family
    DH: Jason King Day
    DW: Jessica Halle Day
    DD: Haven Leigh Day
    DD: Erica Regina Day
    DD: Freja Willow Day

    Family eight: Sawyer Family
    DH: Vincent Taylor Sawyer
    DW: Allison Imogen Sawyer
    DS: Parker Samuel Sawyer
    DS: Grayson Oliver Sawyer
    DS: Flynn Maxwell Sawyer
    DS: Noah Cameron Sawyer
    DS: Milo Beckett Sawyer
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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