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    Re: Litlle cul-de-sac families!

    Family one:
    DH: Michael James Carson
    DW: Rachel Leah Carson
    DS: Maxwell "Max" Lane Carson
    DD: Jennifer "Jenna" Leigh Carson

    Family two:
    DH: Isaiah Dante Jackson
    DW: Jasmine Monet Jackson
    DS: Christopher Kyle Jackson
    DD: Mariah Naomi Jackson

    Family three:
    DH: Gary John Nichols
    DW: Rebecca Leanne Nichols
    DD: Ashley Marie Nichols
    DS: James Robert Nichols
    DD: Jennifer Gracie Nichols

    Family four:
    DH: Robert "Robbie" Ryan James
    DW: Karen Michelle James
    DD: Addison Noelle James

    Family five:
    DH: Matthew "Matt" William Smith
    DW: Carol Vivian Smith
    DD: Katelyn Maya Smith
    DD: Isabella "Bella" Marie Smith
    DD: Abigail "Abby" Natalie Smith
    DD: Jessica Brooklyn Smith

    Family six:
    DH: Jonathan David Dawson
    DW: Tayler Olivia Dawson
    DD: Skylar Averi Dawson
    DD: Rylee Eliot Dawson
    DS: Carter Hayley Dawson

    Family seven:
    DH: Michael Chen Yeung
    DW: Jennifer Ny Yeung
    DD: Sarah Aiko Yeung
    DD: Tiffany Akira Yeung
    DD: Evelyn My Yeung

    Family eight:
    DH: not shown
    DW: not shown
    DS: Roman Nathaniel Walker
    DS: Kainoa "Noah" Jude Walker
    DS: Maddox James Walker
    DS: Zane Abraham Walker
    DS: Aeson Josiah Walker
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    Re: Litlle cul-de-sac families!

    Family 1:
    Mom: Janet Rayna Hammond.
    Dad: Howard Lionel Hammond.
    Son: Alfred Edison Hammond.
    Daughter: Stacy Karma Hammond.

    Family two:
    Mom: Abbey Tania Benoit.
    Dad: Salvatore Humberto Benoit.
    Son: Landry Darnell Benoit.
    Daughter: Lara Meadow Benoit.

    Family three:
    Mom: Judith Kendal Santana.
    Dad: Jedidiah Major Santana.
    Daughter: Lilia Ryann Santana.
    Son: Deon Winston Santana.
    Daughter: Rubi Joyce Santana.

    Family four:
    Mom: Mara Renee Ivey.
    Dad: Seamus Santos Ivey.
    Son: Houston Remy Ivey.

    Family five:
    Mom: Millie Katrina Jones.
    Dad: Fletcher Devan Jones.
    Daughter: Bree Belinda Jones.
    Daughter: Mayra Jacquelyn Jones.
    Daughter: Raina Nola Jones.
    Daughter: Ashlee Mira Jones.

    Family six:
    Mom: Charity Angeline Coderre.
    Dad: Stefan Samson Coderre.
    Daughter: Micah Malaya Coderre.
    Daughter: Alma Kiersten Coderre.
    Son: Mike Tyree Coderre.

    Family seven:
    Mom: Hana Kirsten Young.
    Dad: Brice Odin Young.
    Daughter: Demi Lina Young.
    Daughter: Kenna Ireland Young.
    Daughter: Charley Eileen Young.

    Family eight:
    Son: Marcelo Rey Hathaway.
    Son: Justus Brogan Hathaway.
    Son: Blaze Randall Hathaway.
    Son: Bentlee Agustin Hathaway.
    Son: Alden Jaron Hathaway.

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    Re: Litlle cul-de-sac families!

    Family One: The Delano's
    Geoffrey Martin Delano
    Emmeline Louisa Delano
    Dane Obidiah Delano (5)
    Ada Ruth Delano (3)

    Family Two: The Emerson's
    David Marshall Emerson
    Judith Jane Emerson
    Violet Josephine Emerson (6)
    John Mitchell Emerson (4)

    Family Three: The Delgado's
    Orlando Luis Delgado
    Marisol Inez Delgado
    Rosa Lee Delgado (6)
    Pilar Katy Delgado (4)
    Joaquin Stefano Delgado (5 months)

    Family Four: The Russell's
    Gavin Michael Russell
    Abigail Belinda Russell
    Beverly Carlotta Russell (16)

    Family Five: The Benkowski's
    Abram Jonah Benkowski
    Polly Antoinette Benkowski
    Adam Noah Benkowski (15)
    Naomi Irina Benkowski (13)
    Juliana Jeanne Benkowski (11)
    Roman Abraham Benkowski (9)

    Family Six:The Loranger's
    Peter Steven Loranger
    Louisa Delphine Loranger
    Merle Colette Loranger (11)
    Adeline Dominique Loranger (8)
    Hugh Pierre Loranger(5)

    Family Seven:The Smyth's
    Colin Clive Smyth
    Maisie Rose Smyth
    Jemima Grace Smyth (6)
    Imogen Faith Smyth (4)
    Juliet Marguerite Smyth(8 months)

    Family Eight:The O'Bannion's
    Declan Seamus O'Bannion
    Bridget Maeve O'Bannion
    Pegeen Rose O'Bannion (13)
    Vaughn Ewan O'Bannion (10)
    Claudine Siobhan O'Bannion (8)
    Kathleen Cordelia O'Bannion (5)
    Lorene Sorcha O'Bannion (2.5)

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    Re: Litlle cul-de-sac families!

    Family 1: Jace and Tara Anderson, Cooper, Libby

    Family 2: Joel and Kaia Ream, Veronica, Everett

    Family 3: Tim & Angela Dawson, Brinley, Brody, Brooklyn

    Family 4: Darren & Amy Tanner; Lilly

    Family 5: Doug and Andrea Spencer, Cassandra, Brittney, Julia, Ava

    Family 6: Rob & Vanessa, Brenna, Keira, Max

    Family 7: William & Kiri Chen, Shana, Victoria, Gabriella

    Family 8: Trent & Julia Pearson, Matthew, Blake, Corbin, Kylan, Reid

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