View Poll Results: Which variation of Florence?

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  • Flossie

    2 7.14%
  • Flora

    13 46.43%
  • Fiorella

    5 17.86%
  • Florence

    6 21.43%
  • Floretta

    1 3.57%
  • Fioretta

    1 3.57%
  • Fiore

    0 0%
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    Poll: for GGM Florence?

    Probably a middle, could be a first. Another middle name will be Jeanne. Thanks!

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    Re: Poll: for GGM Florence?

    This was hard to choose without knowing a potential first name option. I chose Flora because I think it works equally well as a first name or double middle with Jeanne. Flora Jeanne flows to me.

    I think Flossie is potentially cute as a second middle; it's a bit too whimsical for a first name in my opinion.

    Just Florence seems a little staid with Jeanne. I almost think it needs to be paired with something a bit more frilly.

    The others are beautiful, but seem a bit of a stretch for Florence derivatives, but I know opinions vary widely on that, with many thinking that just using the first initial counts.

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    Re: Poll: for GGM Florence?

    I chose Flora but I love Flossie as a nn for Florence.
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    Re: Poll: for GGM Florence?

    Hmmmm... Good points.

    I guess I am leaning most heavily toward -

    Ruby Adeline Flora Jeanne
    Ruby Fiorella Adeline Jeanne
    Flora Eloise Adeline Jeanne

    Flossie is one of my middle names, for my grandmother Florence. I never really liked it for myself, but ironically find it kind of appealing on paper... I am Having trouble figuring out where it fits in exactly though, so maybe that should tell me something.

    Agree about Florence & Jeanne together. Not great.

    I like Fiorella almost as much as Flora, but it might pull in the lead out of appreciation for the uniqueness. I didn't make up the variations, but I agree some of them seem a bit of a stretch...

    Also wouldn't be opposed to a variation on Jeanne, but haven't found one I really like which still clearly honors the other grandmother Jeanne...

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