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    How about Colin??

    What does everyone think of the name Colin (or Collin, but I prefer it with one L)?? I love gaelic and celtic names, but some of my favorites are being done to death. Aidan is a favorite, but forget it due to the insane popularity. Colin to me is a nice strong name and I think that it makes a nice sib set with the name Lily for my daughter. Any opinions???

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    Re: How about Colin??

    Colin is a great name but I have a feeling it will soon be in the top 100 names in the US if actor Colin Firth wins the Oscar this month. It's currently at No# 114. There is Callum as an alternative which has cracked the top 1,000. Please don't put another "l" on it as Colin is just fine! Colin and Lillian kind of rhyme a bit at the end and share a strong "l" sound but if you're going with Lily most of the time, it shoudn't be too much of a problem!
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    Re: How about Colin??

    I, for one, like Collin with two Ls. But I am not sure I like it with Lily. It is very L heavy, even if you use the Colin version. Corbin?


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    Re: How about Colin??

    Although Colin's great, it's simply too popular if not already bordering on overuse. Why don't you select something more distinctive that has some real history? Here are a few to consider:

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    Re: How about Colin??

    I agree, Colin is cute although not very exciting. My cousin named her son Collin about three years ago (to go with big sis Emma) and I remember at the time I was very "Meh" about it. I prefer Callum because it's less popular and less expected but still as cute!
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