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    Anyone ever heard of "Evyenia"?

    I'm not planning on naming a child this (still a teen, lol) but I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of the girl name Evyenia? I go to school with a girl named this. It's pronounced either "ev-e-uh-nee-uh" or "ev-ya-nee-uh," I'm not sure which, LOL!

    I think she's Greek, if that helps any.


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    Re: Anyone ever heard of "Evyenia"?

    I have a grand aunt [I have Greek heritage on one side] called Evgenia [or Eugenie]. It's a fairly popular name in Greek families. I have never seen it spelt the way you have it, but we use the second pronunciation you have provided. So basically, you've got a form that somewhat resembles the truly Hellenic form of this name. "Eu" in modern Greek dialects is pronounced "Ev" or "Ef" [depending], so that's where the pronunciation would come from.

    I hope this helps

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    Re: Anyone ever heard of "Evyenia"?

    My first thought was "It kind of reminds me of Iphigenia" so it was weird when you said she was Greek. Perhaps they're related- or maybe not, I'm totally guessing here.

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    Re: Anyone ever heard of "Evyenia"?

    I have a Russian friend named Evgenia, and it's pronounced "yev-GEN-ia". Other variants: Eugenia, Eugnie

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    The name is indeed Greek. In greek it is written as "Eυγενία", which would normally be written in English as 'Eugenia.' However, in Greek an "Eu" is a dipthong that is pronounced as (in this case) 'Ev.' The letter 'γ' is a gamma, and is normally translated as a 'G.' The greek pronounciation is closest to a g, but in some words is pronounced as a y.

    So the pronounciation of the name Eυγενία is Ev-yen-ee-uh.

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