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    I'm an aunt! (and a second cousin... again)

    My brother and his wife just had their first baby, a boy! He is named his mom's maiden name and my mom's maiden name. (I think it's pretty cool even though he sounds like a law firm):

    Drake Maddox McDaniel- (although my Gracie Pat calls him "Baby Drink")

    My cousin and his wife had their third son (to join Isaac and Caleb):

    Seth Benjamin Maddox

    What's cool about all of this is Drake was born Feb. 8, my birthday is Feb. 9, and Seth was born Feb. 10. I'm a little too excited to share my birthdays with two awesome little boys (although my cousins live about 400 miles away).
    My girls: Grace Patricia "Gracie Pat" & Eloise Martha "Elsie Mae"
    If we had a baby today: Amelia Edith OR Desmond Walter
    Guys: Julian, Amos, Tobias, August, Silas, Peter
    Dolls: Iris, Marian, Hazel, Flora, Margo, Agnes

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    Re: I'm an aunt! (and a second cousin... again)

    Congratulations, you made me smile saying he sounded like a law firm.

    Psalm 23

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    Re: I'm an aunt! (and a second cousin... again)

    LOL it does sound kinda like a law firm! I love both those names. Lucky you

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    Re: I'm an aunt! (and a second cousin... again)

    Congratulations! Great names and thanks for letting us know your good news!
    Pam Satran

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