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  • Dexter James

    18 29.03%
  • Arlo James

    44 70.97%
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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    I voted for Dexter. It is an awesome name with an even cooler nn. I'm a fan of the show and I can honestly say it only makes me like the name more. Despite the content, I really dont think there is a negative image there. Also, like you said it will likely be off the air in a couple years anyway (its already finished its 4th season). Dexter is far spunkier than Arlo imo. Alro just feels a little I dont know....unrefined? I'm not sure if thats the best way to explain it, but I just think Dexter has more class. Good luck and let us know what you pick!
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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    Arlo is the name of my best friend's 3 yr old son and I think it is terrific!

    I don't personally care for Dexter, but I think Arlo is great.

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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    Thanks for all the input everyone! We are leaning toward Arlo, I think. I still have moments of being completely unsure, though. Baby comes on Wednesday!

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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    I'm glad you're leaning toward Arlo. I do like Dexter, but it has all the makings to be trendy. It sounds like a surname, it has a cool nickname, it's on TV an awful lot. I see this getting more and more common in the coming years. It's nice, but to me though it might still have a quirky edge to it, it's throughly modern. Arlo however is vintage and quirky and completely off the wall in the best sort of way, just like Gretel. I think Gretel and Arlo are a great match.
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