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  • Dexter James

    18 29.03%
  • Arlo James

    44 70.97%
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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    Amberjoy79 said:
    However, it doesn't have the quirky/cool factor that I feel like Dexter has. I do really like it, though.
    I think Arlo is way cooler and quirkier than Dexter! I haven't seen the show Dexter either and it's definitely not common in NZ, but I do get the feel from the berry boards that it's going to become more and more popular. When I think of Dexter I think of that nerdy annoying cartoon Dexter's Lab. When I think of Arlo I get the image of a cool, laidback dude who just owns it.

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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    I think Arlo has a much more quirky cool vibe than Dexter. Dexter does remind me of the serial killer show, and the 90's cartoon - and I think Arlo sounds a lot better with your daughter's name than Dexter. I've never met a Dexter or an Arlo but I see Dexter on these boards alot so it may be a sign of a rise in popularity.

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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    I like Arlo better. Dexter creeps me out. Good luck!

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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    Love the name Dexter, love the show. The show wouldn't stop me from using it. I definitely think it's going to keep increasing in popularity, but even so, it's not going to be as popular as most and chances of you running into a Dexter are still slim.

    But! I think Arlo is much quirkier, has a certain charm to it, works better with Gretel for a couple of reasons (One, personally don't like the similar vowel sounds in Dexter and Gretel. The sounds are too obvious and takes away from the quirkiness/charm of each name individually.), and Arlo will remain much more uncommon than Dexter.

    My vote goes to Arlo. =)

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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    Arlo James is my choice as it has the same spunky vibe as Gretel Joy . Arlo is a name that is meant for a McD_____ surname. Here comes Arlo McD!!! All the best!
    All the best,

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