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    Down to two! Help please!

    Hi everyone,
    I know I've posted a few times in the past, but I'm closing in on my c-section date (6 days away) and I want to ask one last time for your opinions. We are down to the final 2.

    Background: my daughter's name is Gretel Joy; we like names that are obvious names that people have most likely heard and know, but don't hear often; a little cool quirkiness is okay (even welcomed); James will be the middle name (family name)


    Dexter James
    Arlo James

    I love the name Dexter and have never seen the TV show and had never even heard about it until starting to ask around about the name on name boards. I guess it really doesn't bother me...shows come and go. My biggest concern about Dexter is that it is on the rise. It is currently at 545, but in a huge spike upward. I do not want a name that is going to become a trendy/popular name. How far up the lists do we think it will go before the craze dies down? Oh, and I love that it has an easy and likable nickname (Dex).

    Arlo I think is very sweet. I love the sound of it, and am a little more confident that it won't be topping off the charts anytime soon. However, it doesn't have the quirky/cool factor that I feel like Dexter has. I do really like it, though. My husband is leaning more toward Dexter, but does like this one, too, so is ultimately letting me decide. Arlie/Arley is a cute nickname, too.

    So Ladies, which is your pick???

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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    Could you share your last name or what it sounds like?

    We had Arlo on our list but had a girl and have already discussed Dexter if we have a boy in the future so obviously I am drawn to both names as well

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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    Voted for Arlo because it fits better with Gretel. Dexter feels too modern next to Gretel for me.
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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    ah, good point

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    Re: Down to two! Help please!

    onelove-- Funny! It's nice to know there are others with the same taste in names! Our last name is Scottish...a McD--- name. I'm not a huge fan of the name or its complicated spelling and don't really care too much if the first name "goes" with the last. As long as the flow of syllables is a 2-1-3 (which both choices are), that's what I'm going for. My only concern would be not having a first name that is hard to spell with the silly last name, but I think both of these are no-brainers for spelling...right?

    triceratops--thanks for the honesty and opinion. I don't see it the same way, although I see how someone else would. My daughter is so silly and funny and definitely has a very cool personality. I guess I don't think of her name as being "old," because I feel like there is a fun quirk about it because I know her. Anyway....thanks, good to see it from someone else's viewpoint.

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