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Thread: Preemie Mums

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    Preemie Mums


    I thought we should have a post dedicated to preemies! So, anyone who wishes to contribute their stories would be most welcome.

    My son Joel was born at 28 weeks weighing 2lb 8oz. He is now 2 weeks old and progressing slowly but surely. He has had relatively few complications so far and we are hoping it stays that way!

    Best wishes, Val x

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    Re: Preemie Mums

    My son was born only two days before he was due, so he was technically early but not so early that it caused problems.
    Mother of the 6-year-old finger-painter, Benjamin Henry (and proud of it, too)

    Also proud to be the mother of blue-eyed twins, Amelia Joy and Athena Maya, born Thursday, August 4, 2011.

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    Re: Preemie Mums

    Rose was born at 29 weeks. Eliza and Conrad were born a month early as well. Actually, with the twins, it was almost 27 weeks. Eliza had to stay at the hospital for fie weeks as it was, having a breathing problem. Conrad had that initially, but left after a week and a half. Rose had to stay for around six weeks due to varying complications. Rose weighed 2 lb 11 oz at birth, the twins were the more normal 4 lb 6 oz and 4 lb 6 oz.

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