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    Baby 'Castle'--A GIRL!

    Our 'team green' baby arrived early Wednesday morning during the snowstorm, at home. This little girl left no time to get to the hospital! If you all remember, it was girl names that I was having trouble with. My final list consisted of Albany, Juniper, Matilda and Winslet. My husband vetoed Winslet and wasn't liking Matilda much either, so it was down to Albany and Juniper. Since my mother-in-law helped deliver her, I was set on using Jane somewhere in the name. I had also decided on Loryl in honor of my mom and my dear friend that passed away. After much deliberation, we decided on Juniper Loryl Jane. We love her name and the nicknames that come with it. With the way she entered the world we have a feeling this little girl might be a spunky one, so we think her name is just perfect!

    Mom to Conrad, Nolan, Juniper and our newest addition {1.31.13} Beckett Mathias Lou

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    Re: Baby 'Castle'--A GIRL!

    Juniper Loryl Jane! What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl Congratulations!

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    Re: Baby 'Castle'--A GIRL!

    Congrats on the baby girl! I love the name you chose. Juniper is just so spunky and June so sweet and refreshing.
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    Re: Baby 'Castle'--A GIRL!

    Congratulations what a surprise to not to be able to get to the hospital. So pleased all is well and love the story of her pretty name.
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