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Thread: Our first girl!

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    Our first girl!

    Just three weeks ago, after four boys, we have had our first girl and naming her was H-A-R-D! I guess we had our 'boy naming style' down but when it came to picking out a girls' name, we found it to be quite a challenge!

    Our daughter joins her four big brothers:
    Jason Xavier
    Griffin Alexander
    Jackson Isaiah Phoenix
    Landon Theodore Lennox

    After a long, long, long, long (you get the point :mrgreen: L-O-N-G) search we narrowed the names down to a final 6 names upon hospital check-in.
    Astoria (nn Story)
    Sylvia (nn Sylvie)
    Violet (nn ??)
    Carolina (nn ??)
    Eliza (nn Liza or Eli)
    Shiloh (nn Shia)

    Upon seeing her, we narrowed it down to a final 4 names:
    Astoria Justine
    Carolina Justine
    Sylvia Justine
    Violet Justine

    She ended up being "Baby Girl" until her second day when one of the names just seemed to fit her perfectly:

    Carolina Justine (Carolina is pronouced just like the state). We are using the nn's Lina (used mostly by her toddler brother who finds her full name a mouthful at this point) and Cara (which like her full name itself, just fits her perfectly).

    With that annoucement, many thanks are also due, so, THANK YOU NAMEBERRIES! Your opinions and suggestions were very helpful in the search for our daughter's name. Now that she's here and we have named her, I am laughing at myself over the trouble we had finding the right name. I know that if we ever had another girl, naming her would be much easier as we seem to have found our 'girl naming style'. Thanks again Nameberries for helping us do that!

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    Re: Our first girl!

    I just love Carolina! It's like Caroline with a bit of pizzazz! Congratulations

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    Re: Our first girl!

    Oh, congrats to you on the birth of your first girl and fifth child, Carolina Justine. What a gorgeous name! All the best!
    All the best,

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    Re: Our first girl!

    Oh, what a beautiful name - Carolina Justine is perfect! Good luck to you all!

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    Re: Our first girl!

    Congratulations to you on your little girl and her beautiful name!!

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