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    Re: Pronunciation of Bea

    I have only heard it pronounced "Bee". I don't think many people would call her "Bee-uh" unless someone has never heard to nn Bea before (and only if they saw it printed- if you're going to pronounce it "bee", then that's what people will hear and what they will say).
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    my middle name which i go by is Beatriz and my nickname is pronounced "bay-uh" not "bee" When I moved to the states from Europe, it's been "bee" but I usually correct them to "bay-uh"

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    I've only heard it pronounced "Bee" but for some reason I always read it in my head as bee-uh and have to remind myself lol

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    I've only ever heard it as Bee.
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    I had only heard "Bee" until I met a woman from South America. She was "BAY-uh", from Beatriz (BAY-uh-treece). I think if you're in the US, most would say "Bee" unless they are Spanish-speakers.

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