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    Pronunciation of Bea

    Do you pronounce it bee or bee-uh? I want the nn "bee" for Beatrix but want to make sure the pronunciation makes sense. Should I use the spelling Bee for clarity?
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    Re: Pronunciation of Bea

    Hi there,
    I have only ever heard Bea pronounced "Bee".

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    Re: Pronunciation of Bea

    I would say 'Bee'
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    Re: Pronunciation of Bea

    I had a great aunt we always called 'Auntie Bea' (pr. 'Bee'). I know her full name was Beatrice & was also often called Beatty.

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    Re: Pronunciation of Bea

    Bea is "bee," just like Bee. But I have seen Beah - like Leah - for the [bee-uh] pronunciation!

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