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    Is this name butch or beautiful?

    I personally love it, think its beautiful and have tried for months to come up with another name b.c I have had such negative feedback over it from people I know. So... as outsiders: Honestly. Is the name butch sounding? do you think of a boy when you hear it? Is it too weird? We have a daughter named Charlotte-and I would love something that goes with it. All of our reactions her name have been how beautiful it is, and how people had Charlotte on their lists-but weren't brave enough to do it-or their husbands said no to it--but all in all, everyone loves this name (that we talk to at least). So for this little girl coming in March, I want the same--a beautiful name that isn't too overly common. Is Bronwyn too out there? Does it sound like a made up name? My parents use this with me all of time? I knew someone with the name in high school which is why I think I like it so much, and I know it doesn't matter what other people think ultimately. But honestly, I want her to like her name... do you think she would hate this? If so, give me your honesty...and then maybe a few ideas? Thanks. I feel like I am beating a dead horse here on this site-so I am sorry if I am-I just like all of your opinions and honesty!

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    Re: Is this name butch or beautiful?

    I like Bronwyn, but it does seem very strong somehow. I think there's a D.H. Lawrence character with the name... but not sure. I am a big fan of Welsh names, such as Bronwyn, and wondered if you had considered some other Welsh ones with a similar flavour:

    Good luck!

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    Re: Is this name butch or beautiful?

    I like it spelled Bronwen which I believe is the correct female ending (Welsh male names usually end in "wyn"). It does have a stronger sound than Charlotte but I do like the name alot. It's certainly a legitimate Welsh name that means "fair breast". There is also similar names like Branwen, Ceinwen, Olwen, Rowena, Rhianwen, Rhiannon, Anwen, Rhonwen, Ceridwen, Morwenna, Eirwen and Tegwen. We have some Welsh Nameberries who may be able to give you more options. All the best!
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    Re: Is this name butch or beautiful?

    It's definitely not butch! The only problem is when I said "Charlotte and Bronwyn" out loud, it immediately made me think of Charlotte Bronte.
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    Re: Is this name butch or beautiful?

    It doesnt sound very feminine to me. Its to heavy for taste.
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