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    pronunciation of Aurelia

    How would you berries pronounce Aurelia?
    And, is Lily an appropriate nickname?

    I feel like Aurelia could be a new favorite on my list. I pronounce it Aw-rail-ee-ya. But my SO pronounced it Aw-rail-ya (which immediately sounded like I'll-rail-ya!)

    Any other possible names that I could use the nickname Lily for besides the obvious Lilian, Liliana, Lilia, etc.???

    Thanks everyone~

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    Re: pronunciation of Aurelia

    Well, with my accent it comes out 'Uh-rail-ya,' but I think it is a beautiful name!

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    Re: pronunciation of Aurelia

    i say it ow - rel - ya, it has been on my list for a while. Lily is not an obvious nn from this. Elia? Lily is a bit too common anyway.

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    Re: pronunciation of Aurelia

    I say it with 4 syllables: Aw-rail-ee-uh/ya

    Not too sure about Lily as an nn, but I love this name.

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