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    Re: Is this name butch or beautiful?

    I would never have thought that some people would see a Bronwen in an unfeminine way I think it is a soft, pretty Welsh name and with a Welshman saying it with the beautiful lilt in their accent I am sure it would sound very attractive.

    I think Bronwen is a much softer sweeter name than Charlotte.
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    Re: Is this name butch or beautiful?

    I LOVE BRONWEN/wyn!!

    If you're in the U.S., I was watching a Food Network cake challenge and Bronwyn was a competitor and that is how I first fell in love! Lol

    But people on the outside ruin a lot of names that's why my hubbs and I will not share our childrens' names until its written on ther birth certificate.

    Its gorgeous and you should use it--I also love it with Charlotte, both are on my list.

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    Re: Is this name butch or beautiful?

    I've fallen in love with the name Bronwyn. I'm trying so hard to convince DH to give one of our twins this name.
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    Re: Is this name butch or beautiful?

    I also love this name! But I would definitely go with the spelling: Bronwen. People in America use "y"s excessively, and in a Welsh name that is meant for a girl, the -wen ending is the most appropriate (and these days more unique) than the popular, masculine -wyn ending.

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