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    Re: Owenne Olivia Mercy

    Such a shame you don't want to go with Rowena! I think its a lovely name, and I don't think any form of Owen does it justice.

    However, if you're determined to go with it, I would say do not make it Owen, but keep it Owenne. And if you don't want the second name to get dropped, you probably should hyphenate.

    Overall though, I am not really a fan of Owenne-Olivia, even though I do like the double O's, I think Owenne looks too...invented.

    Edit: (guess we were posting at the same time!) I would much prefer Rowena pn Rowe-na than Owenne Olivia. You might have some initial issues with pn, but I think its the better choice of the two options.

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    Re: Owenne Olivia Mercy

    To me, Owenne doesn't make the name more feminine, it just makes it look trendy and made up. I would rather see it spelled Owen, but I still have a very hard time seeing it on a girl, even as Owen Olivia. The name is so masculine to me.

    However, I love Rowena! Even Rowen/Rowan would be a better choice than Owen in my opinion.

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    Re: Owenne Olivia Mercy

    Sounds like the name that matches the pronunciation you want is Rhona or Rona! But maybe you don't like the way those look? I wouldn't go with Rowena if you want to pronounce it Ro-nuh since it will most likely be prn as Ro-wee-nuh, Ro-ee-nuh or Ro-ehn-uh.

    How about Raina or Reina? You get the RAY from Raven, and the -na from Rowena and Ravenna.

    I like Raven much better than Ravenna. You could just go with Raven!!!
    Raven-Olivia might be a bit V heavy but it sounds nice. =)
    Raina-Olivia is too rhymey, I would choose one or the other and find a different name to go with it.

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    Re: Owenne Olivia Mercy

    I don't like the names Rona and Rhona because I think they look like they should be said rawn-uh, is that correct? And that's too close to Ronald for me. I understand if I use the pn Rowe-nuh people will say it wrong often, but I feel that is the case with all pn of Rowena, people will always say it one of three or four ways. I like Owen because there is only one way to say it. It seems like half of the people on here prefer Owenne, and half prefer Owen. I'm usually keep it short and sweet-I prefer Lynn to Lynne and Jean to Jeanne, but with Owen I'm not sure. I don't know, maybe I feel it looks to simple just as Owen. I could always name her as her proper Christian name Rowena Olivia and shorten it to Owen-Olivia as soon as she is born, and then change it back if I really didn't like it. I wouldn't have to change her birth certificate, it would just be we wouldn't use her nn anymore.

    Raven-I've never liked this name ever since the show "That's So Raven"
    Raina-beautiful name, one of my favorites, but I am planning on naming one of my daughters Meraine, so it's just too close.
    *November & Hunter*

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    Re: Owenne Olivia Mercy

    How about Olivia-Owen?

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