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Thread: Honestly...

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    Thanks for everyone who has been giving me such great and honest advice these last few weeks,
    as I've been posting a lot. I am so eager to find the perfect name.

    What are your thoughts about the name Sunday?
    I love Matilda too.... I just dont want this name to blow up in popularity....

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Honestly...

    Honestly, I don't like Sunday. It's not classy at all imo. Matilda is so cute and classic, and I have not met a single person with the name! (but I'd love to) good luck
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    Re: Honestly...

    I like Matilda! I don't think it is becoming too popular - I would say it is popular on Nameberry, but probably not too popular where you live. Sunday would be good as a mn, maybe?

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    Re: Honestly...

    I agree- I see Matilda on here but I know telling people thats my daughters name in person
    will probably get some "ooo, thats different." My other problem with Matilda is that my last name starts
    with an L and sounds just like Ledger....any issues there??

    I do love Sunday tho. I actually have always liked this name but not enough to bring it up to my hubby.
    I was telling him that there a lady named Cupcake on the Tyra show. She was named that b/c her mom ate 3 cupcakes
    a day her whole pregnancy. So last night my hubby is like hm....we'd have to name our daughter Sundae then.
    I then brought up how I really did like this name, different spelling and we kind of loved it.

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    Re: Honestly...

    Matilda is a timeless gem and has shown great longevity. It's nn possibilites are numerous (eg. Maude, Tilly, Mattie, Tilda). Sunday is a trendy name and its lustre will soon fade. I would go with Matilda and use only Sunday as a middle name option if you like it. Good luck!
    All the best,

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