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    Re: Thoughts about Auden

    I like this name for a girl--I have seen it listed as a girl's name (but have yet to meet any 'Audens' yet!) and think it fits well with your other children's names. It looks and sounds more on the feminine side to me, yet can see it as a unisex name. I think pairing it with a feminine middle name should help eradicate any issue of gender.

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    Re: Thoughts about Auden

    I think this name would be fine on either sex. I don't think its used frequently enough to be strongly associated with one gender or another. However, I like Arden/Audrey/Aubrey/Audra better.

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    Re: Thoughts about Auden

    The only confusion I see with this name is how close in sound it is to Austin but since there is no historical set gender it may be one of the few genuine unisex names. It does go well with Hadley and Emmerson.
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    Re: Thoughts about Auden

    I think Auden is a girls name. But I once read a book by Sarah Dessen and the main Character has that name so that might be why To me it sounds more feminine then masculine.

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    Re: Thoughts about Auden

    I think it sounds like more of a girls name. It is very pretty. You also might want to consider Annen, Auburn, or Anden if DH won't go for Auden. Just to make sure it is said "aw-den", not "ow-den", right? And I don't see how anyone could get it confused with Austin. They are so different.
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