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    Name of dragon slayers group?

    In my story there is this band of dragon slayer-ish people who are kinda evil....
    I have no idea what to call i hope someone has ideas! Please, and thanks in advance!
    George Thaddeus/Ansel Julian/Gideon Shepherd/Simon Oliver

    Ariadne Dinah/Pandora Vivian/Arya Beatrice/Nadia Calliope

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    CleanSlate (kind of a code name, trying to wipe away dragons which they probably think are evil, and slay is close to slate)
    the Purifiers (sticking with the thought that they think dragons are un-pure or evil)
    Underground (going around society to kill dragons, secretly)
    Operation ____ (any number or word that describes what they are doing.

    I really didn't have anything for this one! Tough question.
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    Like that old Disney show with the people who can become dragons and the dragon hunters??
    Anyways, I'm guessing you're looking for a BAMP sounding name... I'd like to point out that a famous dragon hunters was named Apollo Beowolf.
    You can play with that one for a bit...
    Otherwise, you might want power-orientated names and being number one.
    Or be inspired by their hunting equipment.
    Use the leader's name?

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