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    Re: Does anyone like Mildred?

    No... sorry. It sounds like a combination of mildew and dread squished together. Millie is an okay nickname though.
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    Re: Does anyone like Mildred?

    Hmm.. I sort of have a weird inclination to like this name, probably similar to the feelings you have towards it. It's a name that was once SO well loved and now so out of favor.. what's up with that?

    I also loveeeee Maud and Millicent.. so maybe I am just the weird one.

    I put Mildred in the same category as Dorcas. I like them both for inexplicable reasons, but I would never use them. I do sort of like the idea of 5 sisters with the youngest being a little Maud, Millicent, Dorcas or Mildred though.. I am just as delusional as you! :shock:

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    Re: Does anyone like Mildred?

    I actually do like Mildred. I pronounce it mil-DRID so I'm not getting the "dread" at the end. The nickname Milly is cute.

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    Re: Does anyone like Mildred?

    I like Mildred too, and like the last commenter, I pronounce it Mil-Drid, so I don't get "dread" either. This isn't a name I would personally use, but I would love to see it on someone else! The best part is that you can always call her Millie, which is actually coming back into the mainstream. Millicent would be a good alternative if you find yourself unable to use this.

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    Re: Does anyone like Mildred?

    I like Mildred and the nn Millie as well.
    It fits with other names I like:
    Enid, Edith, Matilda, Esther and Gertrude.
    I also pronounce this name mill-drid.
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