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    Does anyone like Mildred?

    I feel like I'm in the extreme minority with this name... almost delusional about it Does anyone else out there like this name?
    I know it's old fashioned, but Florence, Esther, Hazel, even Maude are seen alot today. I really feel like Mildred is ready for a comeback.
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    Re: Does anyone like Mildred?

    I don't care for it. It's the "dread" at the end, just seems like a terrible sound to put on a kid! I think I'm in the minority too that dislike the nickname Millie/Milly, so it's just all-around not good for me.

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    Re: Does anyone like Mildred?

    I don't hate it... and I can see where it might have some future, I usually think there's something to be said for being the only _fill in the name_ in your class... I don't know, all I can say is I don't hate it, but I might come around one way or the other with more thought!

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    Re: Does anyone like Mildred?

    Nope! Sorry Theresa hehe. Although I don't hate it as much as Maude! I do like Millicent though :-) I think it's adorable and light feeling, but Mildred feels so heavy and musty. I also hear the word 'dread' in it which I don't like for obvious reasons. I'm sure you're not alone though because as with everything else in life, one person's trash is another's treasure so to speak :-)
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    Re: Does anyone like Mildred?

    It's just....mildewy... to me, I guess. Can't get behind this one.

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