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    Fresh list, unusual but not weird name for my 3rd

    Well, its early days in the pregnancy, and I don't even know I am having a girl.
    But excitement has got the better of me.
    (It is sure to be another boy now Hahaha)

    I am conscious to pick a girls name which suits the boys, but nothing too matchy is necessary.
    I feel like im not personally good at judging which of my own choices suits my last two though.

    This is the (ever changing) list as stands:
    Anoushka Eloise Knoll
    Beatrix Ivy Knoll
    Roisin Ariadne Knoll?
    Clover Caitlin Knoll?
    Claudia Nina Knoll?
    Clementine Olive Knoll?
    Clio Artemis Knoll?
    Cordelia Ivy Knoll
    Cordelia Bryony Knoll
    Cosima Violet Knoll
    Dahlia Faye Knoll
    Edie Theodora Knoll
    Elodie Isadora Knoll (Edie)?
    Flora Elodie Knoll
    Gaia Emmeline Knoll
    Harriet Mirabel Knoll
    Hermione Aida Knoll
    Ida Valentina Knoll
    Isadora Iris Knoll
    Isolde Flora Knoll?
    Jemima Agnes Knoll?
    Jemima Hazel Knoll?
    Juniper Isis Knoll
    Kaia Theodora Knoll (Kit)
    Luella Adelaide Knoll
    Luella India Knoll
    Marina Daisy Knoll
    Martha Elena Knoll
    Mirabel Roisin Knoll
    Penelope Zora Knoll
    Ivy Cordelia Knoll
    Sadie Caroline Knoll?
    Saoirse Pearl Knoll
    Saskia Gabo Knoll
    Seraphina Ines Knoll?
    Tabitha Hazel Knoll
    Tessa Olympia Knoll
    Thalia Vida Knoll

    Believe it or not, this is the cut down version.
    Any opinions are welcome, or any alternate pairings.
    The list keeps getting longer instead of shorter!

    Thanks berries XX
    Mum to two beautiful boys
    Oisin Sullivan (4) and Inigo Stellan (1)

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    Re: Fresh list, unusual but not weird name for my 3rd

    Cordelia Ivy Knoll
    Cordelia is a very classic, sophisticated name, and Ivy goes well with it!

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    Re: Fresh list, unusual but not weird name for my 3rd

    Oisin and Inigo are great names so their sister will be blessed too judging by your list. Here are my opinions with my faves in bold. All the best.

    Anoushka Eloise Knoll - Too rhymey with Oisin
    Beatrix Ivy Knoll - Not
    Roisin Ariadne Knoll?- Same name as Oisin just with an "R" in front
    Clover Caitlin Knoll?- Clover is lovely but I'm not too crazy about Caitlin. Clover Faye has a nice flow and sound!
    Claudia Nina Knoll?- No
    Clementine Olive Knoll?- Ok
    Clio Artemis Knoll?- If you don't mind another name ending in "o", I like Clio Penelope as a combo better.
    Cordelia Ivy Knoll - This is lovely
    Cordelia Bryony Knoll - OK
    Cosima Violet Knoll - Seems too similar to Oisin to me but I like it anyway
    Dahlia Faye Knoll - OK
    Edie Theodora Knoll - A bit of a tongue twister
    Elodie Isadora Knoll (Edie)?- Love Elodie but with Isadora there are alot of syllables. What about Elodie Pearl as an alternative combo?
    Flora Elodie Knoll - I love both names but I'm not sure about this combo.
    Gaia Emmeline Knoll - Not too crazy about Gaia but love Emmeline.
    Harriet Mirabel Knoll - No
    Hermione Aida Knoll - OK
    Ida Valentina Knoll - No
    Isadora Iris Knoll - Not crazy about all of the izzzzzz sounds
    Isolde Flora Knoll? This is a great name
    Jemima Agnes Knoll?- OK
    Jemima Hazel Knoll?- OK
    Juniper Isis Knoll - Love it
    Kaia Theodora Knoll (Kit) - Kaia is too trendy for my taste
    Luella Adelaide Knoll - OK
    Luella India Knoll - OK
    Marina Daisy Knoll - No
    Martha Elena Knoll - No
    Mirabel Roisin Knoll - I like Mirabel but not Roisin if your son's name is Oisin
    Penelope Zora Knoll - Love Penelope but not matched with Zora the Greek!
    Ivy Cordelia Knoll - If you don't mind another "I" name, this is pretty!
    Sadie Caroline Knoll?- OK
    Saoirse Pearl Knoll - OK
    Saskia Gabo Knoll - Love Saskia the best with your sons names. It has the same spunky vibe! But not crazy about Gabo in the middle. Saskia Mirabel, Saskia Pearl, Saskia Caroline, Saskia Eloise, Saskia Violet, Saskia Faye are some alternatives to consider.
    Seraphina Ines Knoll?- No
    Tabitha Hazel Knoll - OK
    Tessa Olympia Knoll - No
    Thalia Vida Knoll - Love Thalia but not with Vida. Thalia Ivy, Thalia Emmeline and Thalia Pearl are lovely.
    You have some great names on your list but my faves but because alot of them are more than two syllables, I believe they would flow better with a shorter middle name. My faves are Saskia Pearl / Saskia Faye, Cordelia Ivy / Ivy Cordelia, Juniper Isis, Clover Faye, Clio Penelope, Thalia Pearl, Elodie Pearl, Isolde Flora and Cosima Violet. Of course, the first names are the most important and I think the ones I've listed would be wonderful with your sons.
    All the best,

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    Re: Fresh list, unusual but not weird name for my 3rd

    Anoushka Eloise Knoll - Anoushka is nice and warm, but it feels too informal as a first name. It's the kind of name I'd expect to develop as a friendly doting nn. But Eloise is nice.
    Beatrix Ivy Knoll - Not a fan of Beatrix. The x at the end is too hard. Beatrice is much nicer. Ivy is good.
    Roisin Ariadne Knoll?- Roisin is awesome! Ariadne - ehh. Why not Audrina?
    Clover Caitlin Knoll?- I'm not one for alliteration, but I like this.
    Claudia Nina Knoll?- Claudia is nice, but overshadows the shy Nina by a mile.
    Clementine Olive Knoll?- Love! And I don't even like the name Clementine.
    Clio Artemis Knoll?- I hate Clio. Honestly. Sorry. Artemis is just okay.
    Cordelia Ivy Knoll - Cute! Although the flow isn't great.
    Cordelia Bryony Knoll - Lovely.
    Cosima Violet Knoll - I LOVE this combination! Some celeb named her girl this, and I thought it was insanely gorgeous.
    Dahlia Faye Knoll - Lovely.
    Edie Theodora Knoll - Edie is too informal. I'd make it stand for either Edith or Eden. Theodora is lovely.
    Elodie Isadora Knoll (Edie)?- Cute!
    Flora Elodie Knoll - Okay. I'm not so fond of Flora. And the flow isn't so great.
    Gaia Emmeline Knoll - I don't like either name. Gaia makes me think of gay - and I can't even pronounce the name.
    Harriet Mirabel Knoll - Cute.
    Hermione Aida Knoll - Ehh. Hermione is too Harry Potter for me. Aida is too much like the musical for me.
    Ida Valentina Knoll - This is okay.
    Isadora Iris Knoll - The flow isn't great, with the back-to-back vowel sounds. But otherwise, it's fine.
    Isolde Flora Knoll?- Okay.
    Jemima Agnes Knoll?- Love!
    Jemima Hazel Knoll?- Love! Hazel is my most favorite name in the whole universe.
    Juniper Isis Knoll - It's just okay. I don't like Isis. It sounds too cold and heartless.
    Kaia Theodora Knoll (Kit) - Kaia is not so great. Theodora is lovely. The nn Kit is so cute!
    Luella Adelaide Knoll - Love!
    Luella India Knoll - Love! India is great.
    Marina Daisy Knoll - Not crazy about Marina. It's quite forgettable. Daisy is cute, though.
    Martha Elena Knoll - This is just okay. I don't like Elena. Helen is nicer.
    Mirabel Roisin Knoll - Love!
    Penelope Zora Knoll - Don't like either name and they don't fit well together anyways. Penelope is classic; Zora sounds futuristic.
    Ivy Cordelia Knoll - Love!
    Sadie Caroline Knoll?- Adorable!
    Saoirse Pearl Knoll - Love.
    Saskia Gabo Knoll - Saskia is nice; Gabo, not so much.
    Seraphina Ines Knoll?- Love Seraphina; not so much Ines.
    Tabitha Hazel Knoll - LOVE! My favorite from the whole list! This combination is to die for.
    Tessa Olympia Knoll - This is okay. I'd make it Theresa nn Tessa.
    Thalia Vida Knoll - This is okay. I prefer Talia. Vida is nice though.
    Abigail, Beatrice, Jemima, Hazel, Matilda, Svea

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    Re: Fresh list, unusual but not weird name for my 3rd

    Oisin, Inigo, and Elodie are beautiful together! I love that they all start with vowels, they roll of the toungue so nicely.
    *Under Construction*

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