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Thread: cielle?

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    would people pronounce it like SEAL instead of see-EL?

    the actual word is ciel, but i think adding the extra l makes it a bit more girly...what do you think? i could also do it ciele

    would it go well with iris? iris means rainbow and ciel means sky...our other children's names are all sea themed (wish i had maybe been a bit more diverse at this point) it kind of matches in a spinoff kind of way...
    rebecca renee. wife to lucas christian. mother to: marin elizabeth, ocean white, pearl frances and g/g twin sisters rowan bee and lennox aileen. currently expecting baby #6, whose sex will be a surprise. name hunting is underway.

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    Re: cielle?

    I like it but the Seal pronunciation would concern me a little. I think I like the Ciel spelling with Iris but it probably does look a little masculine.

    Does this name have to have a sea theme or just a nature theme like sky and rainbow?

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    Re: cielle?

    Love this name! It's gorgeous. I think the pronunciation is obvious, but I'm sure as with any unusual name, some people won't get it. But it's easy, so they'll get it quickly. I think you'd have more pronunciation troubles with Ciel.

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    Re: cielle?

    I love Ciel. I wouldn't change the spelling, it's gorgeous as it is. And the meaning is beautiful.

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    Re: cielle?

    When I first saw your post on the board, I automatically pronounced it in my head as 'See-Ell', not Seal.
    I think if you were to spell it Ciel, her name would not be pr. the way you'd like it to be nearly as often...
    'Ciel', IMO, appears to be pr. more like 'Seal' or have a hard 'C/K' sound, ie: Key-elle, Keel, etc.
    I think this is a very pretty, feminine name.

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