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    Re: Neighbourhood Families.

    Mama to Theodore Adl3r Emm3tt "Theo" born April 2012

    Expecting baby #2 March 2015!! It's a GIRL!!!!

    *Louisa *Felicity *Gwendolen *Clementine *Rosalie *Philippa *Lavinia *Beatrix *Wren *Eugenia *Florence *Primrose
    *Percival (Percy)*Augustin (Gus) *Arthur (Ari) *Frederick (Fritz) *Dashiell (Dash) *Winston *Felix *Walter *Henry/Hendrick *Edwin *Rupert

    Guilty pleasures ~Pomeline, Peregrine, Delphine, and Ferdinand

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    Re: Neighbourhood Families.

    My Family:
    Me: Nastia Jane McCormick
    Husband: Thomas Jude McCormick
    Daughter: Anya Theresa McCormick

    The Newmans:
    Father: Austin Richard Newman
    Youngest: Andrew Scott Newman
    Oldest: Hunter James Newman

    The Browns:
    Father: Justin Michael Brown
    Mother: Taneil Jayanne Brown
    Son: Franklyn Jude Brown
    Daughter: Nina Ever Brown

    The Goodwins:
    Father: Shawn Kalvin Goodwin
    Mother Devin Shanelle Goodwin
    Son: Tyrell Jud Goodwin
    Son: Greyson Joshua Goodwin

    The Millers
    Mother: Tessa Jane Miller
    Daughter: Sasha June Miller

    The Moore's:
    Father: Todd Allen Moore
    Mother: Carla Josephine Moore
    Daughter: Haley Josephine Moore
    Son: Tyson Allen Moore

    The Anderson's:
    Father: Joseph Scott Anderson
    Mother Gwenn Noel Anderson
    Daughter: Addison Paige Anderson
    Daughter: Alyse Padma Anderson
    Daughter: Ana Penelope Anderson

    The Robert's:
    Father: Steven Harris Robert
    Mother: Mi-Hi Robert
    Son: Hyo Steven Robert

    The Turners:
    Father: Richard Carver Turner
    Mother: Abeni Bolade Turner
    Son: William Chilongola Turner

    The Hendersons:
    Father: Jason Robert Henderson
    Mother: Thia Jean Henderson
    Daughter: Josie Jean Henderson
    Son: Hunter Gage Henderson

    The Perez's:
    Father: Fillip Jose Perez
    Mother: Julianna Karen Perez
    Daughter: Ever Felicity Perez

    The Patterson's:
    Father: Gary Coleman Patterson
    Mother: Aika Kimi Patterson
    Daughter: Haven Kanon Patterson
    Daughter: Madie Suzume Patterson
    Daughter: Celeste Kiko Patterson
    Daughter: Hana Shiori Patterson
    Son: Jethro Jin Patterson

    the Sanders's:
    Father: Michael Lee Sanders
    Mother: Theresa Monroe Sanders
    Daughter: Marilin Eva Sanders
    Daughter: Elise Diane Sanders
    Son: Jesse Ross Sanders

    the Reynolds's:
    Father: Alan Jerome Reynolds
    Mother: Jessica Naomi Reynolds
    Son: Kyle James Reynolds
    Son: Karson Jude Reynolds

    The Dunn's:
    Father: James Sebastian Dunn
    Mother: Heather Maryanne Dunn
    Daughter: Christine Luise Dunn

    the Schmidt's:
    Father: Daniel Michael Schmidt
    Mother: Charlene June Schmidt
    Daughter: Daniella Michelle Schmidt
    Son: Charles Jasper Schmidt

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    The Rhea’s
    Nolan Brian Rhea
    Graham Alexander Rhea
    Micah Christian Rhea

    The Hinton’s
    Lucas Ezekiel Hinton
    Shelby Johanna Hinton
    Jesse Anderson Hinton
    Ariel Caroline Hinton

    The Walters’s
    Brice Fredrick Walters
    Mariah Evelyn Walters
    Devin Rowan Walters
    Kyle Blake Walters

    The Hanson’s
    Amanda Julia HansonMandy
    Ansley Meadow Hanson

    The Teague’s
    Trenton Theodore Teague
    Kayla Deborah Teague
    Colby Seth Teague
    Zoe Leah Teague

    The Kirkpatrick’s
    Matthew Allen Kirkpatrick “Matt
    Madison Brianne Kirkpatrick
    Allison Jaime Kirkpatrick
    Lauren Lisa Kirkpatrick
    Hannah Grace Kirkpatrick

    The Breeden’s
    Jason Matthew Breeden
    Melanie Samantha Breeden
    Ashton William Breeden

    The Schneider’s
    Aiden Forrest Schneider
    Ebony Hope Schneider
    Sterling Adonis Schneider

    The Watson’s
    Michael Sullivan Watson
    Grace Caroline Watson
    Cassidy Marianne Watson
    Zachary Michael Watson

    The Collier’s
    Aaron Patrick Collier
    Taylor Heather Collier
    Ava Juliette Collier

    The Wolfe’s
    Nathan Charles Wolfe
    Rose Elizabeth Wolfe
    Charlotte Lucy Wolfe
    Amelia Alice Wolfe
    Sophia Jane Wolfe
    James Henry Wolfe
    Emily Susan Wolfe

    The Kennedy’s
    Geoffrey Allan Kennedy
    Michelle Anne Kennedy
    Chelsea Isabella Kennedy
    Jessica Alexandra Kennedy
    Parker Nicholas Kennedy

    The Deluca’s
    Malachi Emmanuel Deluca
    Gabrielle Donna Deluca
    Dillon Adrian Deluca
    Spencer Julian Deluca

    The James’s
    Casey Randall James
    Robin Rebekah James
    Taryn Arabella James

    The Grey’s
    Perry Louis Grey
    Mary Josephine Grey
    London Chloe Grey
    Kingston Ethan Grey

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    California, USA
    Family One:
    Mikhail Joost Cuypers; father
    Napoleon Earl Cuypers; son and older brother of Abel
    Nephew Abel Cuypers; son and younger brother of Napoleon

    Family Two:
    Sylvia Mignon-Hawkins; mother
    Vincent Derek Hawkins; father
    Sapphire Odette Hawkins; daughter and older sister
    Jasper Orion Hawkins; son and younger brother

    Family Three:
    Dorinda Smiley; mother
    Gabriel Smiley; father
    Iain Smiley; son and older brother
    Lucas Smiley; son and younger brother

    Family Four:
    Alyssa Quigley Toledano; mother (in the shot)
    Caroline Quigley Toledano; daughter (in the shot)
    Eric Toledano; father (behind the camera)

    Family Five:
    Julian Peters,uncle
    Gwen Peters-Rask,niece
    Niels Peters-Rask,nephew
    Maude Rask, aunt

    Family Six:
    Kayla Trager ;eldest daughter
    Lindsay Trager; second daughter
    Jessica Trager; youngest daughter (baby)
    Naomi Evans Trager; mother
    Sean Trager; father

    Family Seven:
    Rufus Sampson; father
    Francesca Mai Sampson; mother
    Molly Sampson; daughter

    Family Eight:
    Felix Jasmin Rothwell; son
    Felicidad Jasmin Rothwell; mother
    Norbert Rothwell; father

    Family Nine:
    Fiona Argall Malone; daughter
    Tristan Argall Malone; son
    Colwyn Argall Malone; mother

    Family Ten:
    Wesley Bosco; father
    Ysabel Garza Bosco; mother
    Estrella Bosco; daughter

    Family Eleven:
    Mae Takara Fujioko Szweda; eldest child and daughter
    Sandrine Megumi Fujioko Szweda; second child, daughter
    Eliza Akira Fujioko Szweda; third child, daughter
    Aaron Hideaki Fujioko Szweda; fourth child, son
    Amalia Suzume Fujioko Szweda; youngest child, daughter
    Midori Fujioko Szweda; mother
    Julian Erikson Szweda; father

    Family Twelve:
    Cecily Thomas; eldest child, daughter
    Gladys Thomas; second child, daughter
    Hiram Thomas; youngest child, son
    Daphne Renee Thomas; mother
    Arthur-Joel Thomas; father

    Family Thirteen:
    Orlando Ferrer Zabat; older son
    Sansone Ferrer Zabat; younger son
    Alicia Ferrer Zabat; mother
    Gus Zabat; father

    Family Fourteen:
    Sienna Poesy; baby
    Lilith Poesy; mother
    Soren Poesy; father

    Family Fifteen:
    Juno Stein; daughter
    Liam Stein; son
    Gwenyth Stein; mother
    Oliver Stein; father
    Regards, Amelie Holst

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