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    Re: my top 2 names seem stale now. HELP

    Hello Rollo,
    Ah NAY eese is exactly how I have heard it said. Yes, we have considered Indiana. I have a friend named Indiana so I feel like the name belongs to her and DH fells like it belongs to Mr. Jones. Thank you for your suggestions they are not bothering me at all. My sisters boyfriend told me that he attended University with an Anais and that she had nicknames like "on her knees" and "all four please". This of course has really put me off the name all together How do you feel about Paloma? The last name would be (like sorry dont want DH to google it as we are not supposed to get outside help) Parr-Koffen. I think Paloma Parr-Koffen sounds very nice. My concern with Indie is that Indie Parr-Koffen does not sound as feminine and Lila (leelah).

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