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    Daughter one is the oldest. Married to a doctor. They have 4 wonderful children, 3 boys and a little girl. Their oldest child is 7 years old, and they have no multiples.
    Daughter #1-Emily Jane Brandt
    Husband- Jace Harrison Fuchs
    Children- Brandt Hollis Fuchs, Jonas Harrison Fuchs, Rex Jasper Fuchs, and Hunter Jane Fuchs (they thought she was a boy)

    Daughter two is the second oldest. She is married to a welder and have 3 children, 3 little girls. Your youngest daughter is 13 months old.
    Daughter 2- Shiloh Elizabeth Brandt
    husband- Asa Dale Herman
    children- Willow Noel Herman, Piper Annika Herman, and Ryan Lela

    Your first son is 3rd oldest. He is married to a nurse. They have 7 children. A set of triplet identical boys. They are the middle aged children.
    Name- Alex James Brandt
    Wife- Kassie Britton Cooper
    Children- Cooper James Brandt, Britton Alexa Brandt, Braxton Levi Brandt (triplet), Huxley Sebastian Brandt (triplet), Maxwell Dean Brandt (triplet), Addison Guinevere Brandt, and Berkeley Sienna Brandt

    Daughter three, is your 4th child. She has 2 children and recently seperated from her husband. She has a little boy and a little girl. They are only 14 months in age difference.
    name- Hanna Olivia Brandt
    children- Ford Anthony Merano and Delta Skylar Merano

    Your second son you have is your 5th child. They are expecting Quintuplets in three months, 3 boys and 2 girls. His wife is going to be a stay at home mom, while he is working at the most popular lawyers office.
    Lawyers office-Monroe and Associates
    Name- Grant Elijah Brandt
    Wife- Lauren Fleur Monroe
    Names there going to name there children- Madison (Maddie) Fleur Brandt, Lila Brooklyn Brandt, Carter Grant Brandt, Mason Elijah Brandt, and Jack Monroe Brandt

    Child number 6 is a twin, and is you 3rd son. He is engaged to his fiancee and getting married in a few months. They already have 3 children. 2 boys and a girl. The oldest is a boy. They both met and work at a business office.
    name- Daniel William Brandt
    fiancee- Imogen Louise Walch
    children- Gavin Ace Brandt, Dorian Oliver Brandt, and Ella Wren Brandt

    This is the twin to child number 6, Its your 7th child and you last daughter. She is not married, but does has a little boy, who is 2 years old. Her boyfriend is a dead beat father and doesnt want anything to do with his son. She works as a Child care worker.
    Her name- Amanzie Sophia Brandt
    child name-Trace Easton Brandt
    dead beat fathers name- Lucifer Kenneth Schmidt

    Your last child is only 22 and has settled down and getting married next year to his fiancee. They have a little girl and are expecting another child in a few months. Its a boy. Your son has his own buisness and his fiancee works as a ER doctor.
    Busniess name- Calla's Flowers
    sons name- Miles Benjamin Brandt
    fiancee name- Calla Marie Nolan
    childrens name-Carter Adelaide Brandt and Bronx Nolan Brandt
    Currently loving Kylie, Emlyn, Maddox, Britton, Ryan, Kassie, Piper, Amelia, Addison, Berkeley, Hadley, Rory, Bryn, Bristol, Willow, Carter, Scout, Guinevere, Calla, and Hunter for girls and Aiden, Luke, Theodore, Jack, Mason, Jonah, Cooper, Jasper, Brody, Grayson, Emmet, Dorian, Bronson, Brockamp, Brady, Carter, Trig, Track, Bereich, and Paxson for boys.

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