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    Jasmine and its various spellings
    Trey and its various spellings
    Winnie also bothers me because I always think of Winnie-the-Pooh.
    Myshea or Misha (pronounced mih-shae)

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    The name that keeps cropping up on Nameberry that I'm sick of hearing most is Clementine. Mainly because I can't hear the name without thinking about the "Oh My Darling" song, which then ends up getting stuck in my head. Also I just don't think it's a very good name.

    In the real world, the name Jack annoys me most. It's so bland, generic and uninspiring. It's even used as the go-to everyman in many phrases (jack-of-all-trades, jack-the-lad, etc). I honestly think you might as well call your son 'boy' and be done with it.

    Also I have an irrational dislike for the names Timothy & Gwyneth. If these names were vegetables, they would be limp lettuce leaves.
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    All the 'leigh/lee/ly/ley' names, also the 'lyns' and most of the 'sons', just too much of what feels like the same name.

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    Most of the biggest ones for me have been mentioned already a lot so I'll try to skip those.

    I don't really like any name that was super popular for people born around my age. With the popularity you might as well name them 1, 2 and 3. Most of these I don't even see the appeal of in the first place. Such as:


    I have a very strong aversion to:

    I don't like the sound, and also I'm additionally biased because every young girl I've met with these and similar names was an absolute brat.

    Hate the 'let's try hard to be tough' names like:

    I think they're awful and violence isn't exactly a trait I want associated with my child.

    The almost all vowel, or sort of flimsy sounding names:


    Long names with no nicknames or bad nicknames:

    They sound nice, but calling to Sophia all the time just seems like a mouthful.

    Most Br- names:

    Brielle/Brianna/Bryley/Briar(this one seems so cheesy too)

    Others that I just don't like:
    Reagan/Regan (very harsh and not pleasant sounding to me)
    Elizabeth (This is the filler middle name of choice for people my age. I also disliked the only two girls I knew with this as a first name, plus dislike nn Beth very much)
    Declan (I just don't see the appeal, yet it seems to be very well liked)
    Cleo (This feels like a name solely for cats to me, anyone else feel the same or am I just bonkers?)
    Cheyenne (Bad enough, but I've also seen this spelled as Shy-Ann)

    The name that I dislike most of all is Jaxon. There is NO reason for this to be spelled like this. If you want the nickname to be 'jax' just call him Jacks. The worst is I babysat a little boy named Jaxx, and his last name started with a W ( Example, Whitakker) so when you sat his whole name it slurs together and souns like Jack Swittaker.

    Wow, sorry this was my short list. This thread must have awakened some feelings I have about a lot of names haha.

    Sorry about this, and I apologize about any typing mistakes, I'm on my phone so the typing is a little difficult.
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    '---son' names being used on girls (C'mon, it means son of!)

    'Mc---' names (McKayla, McKenzie, McKenna, etc.)

    "--ayden' with the exception of Aiden (but Rayden, Kayden, Zayden, and Brayden are carrying it too far)

    And made up names, of which I won't go into for my sanity and yours : )
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