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    In Amity's and Fable's daycare, they have cute pictures of the kids on the wall in the reception and a few months ago I was waiting to talk to one of the workers and I was reading all of their names. All together there's about 35 kids that go to the daycare and there was about 12 -ayden names. There were some nice ones but also 4 Emmas, 3 Evas, 3 Avas, 3 Jacobs.. Must get confusing in that daycare sometimes.

    Also sick of hearing Harry. As much as I love Harry it's getting boring. I was at a library event and there was 4 Harrys in a room of about 12 kids including mine.
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    Gray/Grayson/Greyson - I am just annoyed with this name, it seems like anyone who is having a boy is using this name....

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    Like everyone else, i feel like i'm going to barf if I hear another -ayden or -lyn name. ugggh. Especially can't handle Brooklyn for a girl, and its in the top 10 in my province, and seems its going to be over taken by London, groan.
    Along with Addison, that name kills me, especially in the medical field, I just think of Addison's disease. On that note, Milena, this name... oh my god, I can't be the only one who thinks of melena when they hear this?? But it gets so much love on nameberry and i can't comprehend it.
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    Where I am every other girl seems to be Sophie, Katie or Emily.
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    I'm sick of all of the "aiden" names. They were perfectly fine 5-6 years ago, but now it's like everywhere I go there's a Brayden, Jayden, Kayden, Layden, Zayden and so on. I think people have just started sticking a letter in the name Aiden and go with it.
    Also Marie and Grace. I think they're beautiful, but I can't count on both hands how many of my friends have the middle name Marie or how many have Grace.
    Ava, Chloe, Sophia, Olivia. Again, love them all, but overused.
    I'm glad some of the older names are coming back like Imogen and Isla, but I think those are really on the rise.
    Hadley and Harper are definitely on the popular boat.
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