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    I live in Europe so my names are a bit a different:

    Marie and Sophie in the middle spot. I swear, I'm "this" close saying "of course it is" if another person tells me their daughters middle name ist Marie/ Sophie.

    The whole middle name idea was out of fashion for decades, now it's becoming fashionable again and within 10 years filler names have developed. 20% of girls with middle name get Marie or Sophie as their middle name and then there are also the third and fourth most popular middle names that are surprisingly: Maria and Sophia...

    Also: Julia. It feels like EVERY GIRL that was born between 1980 and 1995 is called Julia (it has been number 1 for about 15 years).

    And the Julia of the 90s: Hannah.

    When I met the last Hannah I thought "great, now I have to make up another nickname..."
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